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Nightmare Fuel / End of Watch

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From the 2012 film:
  • The scene in which Taylor and Z find the room full of the dissected bodies of the cartel's victims is pretty chilling. Not only that, but the cartel apparently murdered the seventy-year-old woman living there, and just took the place over so they had a below-the-radar location to operate from.
  • Z and Taylor come just in time to see Officer Van Hausen with a knife in his eye, and a new recruit with a broken in face thanks to an especially huge criminal.
  • The two cops respond to a missing children call, and find them bound and gagged with duct tape in a closet inside the house.
  • Not to mention investigating a cartel member's house and finding a room full of undocumented immigrants, some of whom are children, who are being held like animals in a cage. The fact that it's never revealed what the cartel planned to use them for is even more horrifying.
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  • Pretty much any time the Curbside Gang are on screen. It's made very clear from their insane amount of profanity and desire to kill Brian and Z that they have nothing resembling normal human morality. Judging by the safehouse-cum-torture chamber Taylor and Z find, their superiors and associates are no different.