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Nightmare Fuel / Enemy

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  • Good Lord, the entire movie. Almost every frame is oozing with dread.
  • The spider motif, which becomes more disturbing almost every time it comes up.
    • The first instance is in the opening scene, which depicts Anthony entering a sex club, and then watching intensely as a naked woman prepares to step on a tarantula, firmly establishing the tone of the movie.
    • The second time involves Jake Gyllenhaal walking down a hallway as a woman passes by. As she comes into focus, it becomes clear that not only is she naked, she has the head of a spider.
    • The third instance is a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment depicting an utterly massive spider towering above a city.
    • Finally, we have the most infamous scene in the movie, in which Adam receives an envelope containing a key. After a moment's worth of hesitation, he asks Helen, who is in another room, if she has any plans for the evening. When she doesn't respond, he enters her room, only to find a giant tarantula in her place. Roll Credits.

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