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Nightmare Fuel / Creature Feature

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The band:

  • The deaths described in "A Gorey Demise" are all pretty gruesome sounding, especially this one:
    L is for Larry, who bled and bled
  • The sheer horror associated with "Bound and Gagged". Imagine just waking up one day to find that someone has kidnapped your daughter and is threatening to kill her if you don't meet their demands, whatever those may be.
  • The entirety of "Such Horrible Things", where the psychopathic narrator describes all the horrible things he has done during the first 18 years of his life. From the very day he is born, he enjoys causing pain and suffering, biting the nurse who helps birth him and stabbing the mailman through the mail slot when he is four. He commits his first murder at six when he gets the neighbor's son lost in the woods. And then there's the Noodle Incident in the middle of the song. At first, the narrator tries to play it off as if nothing happened when he was fourteen, but the remembers "that one time..." followed by about 50 seconds of people screaming and then a car crash. It doesn't even stop there, with him burying his brother alive at sixteen. Thankfully this crime is the one he is finally caught and punished for, sentenced to life imprisonment in an insane asylum.
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  • A Feast For the Worms uses a similar idea as the Noodle Incident from Such Horrible Things except for the entire song. Nothing is explained about what the narrator did, only everyone's reactions to his death. Whatever it was, it was so bad even the Devil celebrates his death.
    My soul is made of rot and razor blades
    Praise the day that I'm lowered in my grave
    Revel for the devil
    Knows I'm on my way
    Knows I'm on my way
  • "The Greatest Show Unearthed". Circus of Fear, Background Music that sounds like the most demonic merry-go-round ever imagined, and the random screaming. Plus, it's a totally awesome song. Freaky as fuck, but awesome.
  • Mad House is about a guy with such terrible anger management issues his house becomes a bloodthirsty Genius Loci trying to kill him.
  • The Ominous Music Box Tune at the beginning of "Mommy's Little Monsters," sounding like an eerie, aged wind-up doll. The childish giggling as it plays and the monster's growl at the end don't do it any favors.
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  • "Dr. Sawbones" begins with the sound of someone making dying gags as they're most likely getting sawed in half.

The comic series based off of the band: