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The comics:

  • After Curtis was turned into a werewolf in "A Gorey Demise", Erik found out that the only way to get Curtis back to normal is to drain him of all physical energy.
Curtis: Well, that's great but how are we going to wear me out?
(Erik gives him a devious smile. Cut to the two of them at a bar.)
Erik: Fifty dollars for anyone who can beat my friend in a fight!
  • The ending of "A Corpse in My Bed." Both Curtis' and Erik's reactions when the barrel-thing from "The Angel of The Odd" made its first appearance were absolutely hilarious.
    Erik: "Okay, I'm outta here! Wake me up in a week!"
  • This little gem from "The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth":
    Erik: "Curtis! You ate the cake!"
    Curtis(licking his fingers): "Yeah, so?"
    (Curtis looks down at the plate with an Oh, Crap! expression on his face and then faints)

The band:

  • All the conversations the monsters have before the host announced the annual obituaries in "A Gorey Demise" is seriously the funniest moment in the whole song; but let us go to the specifics....
    "Hello, everyone!"
    "Hey! I thought this was a party; it seems pretty dead!"
    "Do you have a date this year?"
    "Who made the jelly look violet?"
    "That's not candy, that's just slimy...."
  • After singing "The Greatest Show Unearthed" at one concert, Curtis points out that he did all the La-La's in all the songs and the character voices; but Erik's reaction to it was priceless.
    Erik: "Shut up! That's gay!"
    Curtis(in a creepy voice): "Hey! Who put the head in the fish tank?"
    • Also in that same concert, the way that Curtis says "SAILOR MOON!" was very good, too.
    • And when Curtis was tongue-tied when he says "My Supace.... My Supcaces".
    • And let's not forget about this gem:
      Curtis(To Erik): "Well, maybe you should; there's a lot of good comments about your tight jeans."
  • The Noodle Incident in Such Horrible Things. "When I was fourteen... nothing much happened. (Beat) Well... there was that one time!"
  • During one 2012 concert, Curtis played along with his microphone stand not cooperating with him.
    • In fact in one of their concerts, Curtis' microphone got UNPLUGGED! And Erik smiled!
  • "Dem Bones".