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  • Crayon Pop was asked to do a parody of "Itaewon Freedom" for a music show. Their response was to don hilarious wigs and outfits and hit the streets! The entire segment can be seen here.
  • From Crayon Pop TV Season 1 Episode 3:
    • Their dance cover of Soulja Boy's "Crank That".
    • Pranking the members with one of those "Screamer" games.
  • Ellin's status as The Ditz of the group has led to many funny moments where she messes something up.
  • Way and Choa covering Donna Summer's "Bad Girls."
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  • This fan video combines the music video for "Uh-ee" with the audio from MOP's "Ante Up (Robbin Hoodz Theory)"... and it works.
  • During promotions for "Uh-ee," they occasionally used backup dancers, one of whom was very passionate.
  • Their first appearance on "Weekly Idol" has several. Gummi's extra-intense "chicken leg dance," Ellin's failures at the Random Play Dance game (see above) and maknae Soyul tries to prove her sexiness by dance-covering Rainbow's "A". It still comes off as cute note .
  • Way and Choa did a Meet & Greet session with Mnet while promoting "OK." One fan somehow slipped a question asking the twin who had bigger breasts through the filters. Compounding the hilarity of the situation, they read it live on air.

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