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Tear Jerker / Creature Feature

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The Comics:

  • In "A Corpse in My Bed", Erik was originally gonna die and it'll be his final appearance because of it. Thankfully, Michelle Ziliak changed the ending instead; which is a good thing cause otherwise, it'll be much worse.

Music and Meta:

  • In one of their concerts, Curtis states that Erik was leaving the band for a couple of days, and he's pretty sad about it. In fact, you look closely, you can see that Erik is actually crying because of it.
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  • While "A Gorey Demise" is a darkly funny song at the most part, most of the deaths are rather realistic and pretty depressing, and may bring bad memories to the sensitive.
    G is for Greg, who died in the womb.
  • Being based around real-life witch trials, brutal murders of innocent people, and having a tone more somber than the rest of their songs, "Here There Be Witches" is quite tearjerking all of its own.

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