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Nightmare Fuel / Alice Cooper

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  • Cooper has got numerous creepy songs, including "Wind Up Toy", "Devil's Food", "Welcome to my Nightmare", and "Black Widow". "Wind Up Toy" has that bit at the end with the creepy voice whispering; "Devil's Food" has several nightmarish things about it, especially the end monologue performed by Vincent Price as the curator of a museum describing the black widow spider; and then there's the entirety of the "Black Widow", including its chorus.
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  • These are lullabies compared to two other tracks off 'Welcome to My Nightmare': "Years Ago" and "Steven". And this video makes it much creepier. Damn you Vincent Price!
  • "I Love the Dead" could also qualify, given the subject matter and the orgasmic moans in between the "Hey Jude" style choruses.
  • While we're on the subject of dead things, let's put "Dead Babies" on here too. It's bad enough that the verse portion of the song consists of a creepy as hell proto-grunge riff, but you also have the lyrics of Little Betty consuming the entirety of her mother's medicine cabinet, without anyone there to watch over her. Doubles as a Tear Jerker, considering that her parents didn't even care that she died.
    • When "Dead Babies" is performed live it tends to be the most disturbing moment of the entire concert because Alice will murder a baby.
  • The Alice Cooper character as a whole qualifies, being a psychopath that cycles through various personas and mental illnesses, is host to a severely fucked up mindscape and will survive any execution you throw at him.
    • Even his appearance on The Muppet Show is pretty creepy, as he's shown to be an agent of the Devil who tries to get Kermit and Gonzo to sell their souls and transforms Miss Piggy into an ugly bird-type thing. The fact that the main Muppets all seem terrified of him (and the monsters, ghosts, and other scary Muppets that appear because of him) doesn't help.
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  • DaDa. Alice Cooper apparently once stated that it was the scariest album he ever created, because even he wasn't sure what it was about. The title track in particular is filled to the brim with nightmare fuel.
  • Special Forces era Alice Cooper. He had a rather unsettling appearance and looked like at any moment Alice could have died. Mostly (if not completely) due to his horrible cocaine addiction at the time that he thankfully overcame shortly after 1983.
  • Dragontown. Full stop. An album about a place worse than Hell and Brutal Planet combined. Let that sink in. Highlights include the title track, Somewhere in the Jungle, Triggerman, and The Sentinel.
  • "Pick Up The Bones" is a five minute trip into the aftermath of an ethnic cleansing that contains some of Alice's most gut-wrenching lyrics and a dark, oppressive atmosphere that perfectly fits the song's subject matter:
    Collecting pieces of my family in an old pillowcase
    This one has a skull but it don't have a face
    These look like the arms of my father so strong
    And the ring on this finger means my grandmother's gone

    Here's some legs in a pile where my sister once played
    Here's some mud made of blood and these teeth are decayed
    The ear of my brother, the hand of a friend
    Pick up the bones and set them on fire
    Follow the smoke going higher and higher
    Pick up the bones and wish them goodnight
    Pray 'em a prayer and turn out the light...

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