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Nightmare Fuel / Alice in Borderland

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Due to this being a Moments page as well as the Anyone Can Die nature of the series, all spoilers are unmarked. Read at your own risk.

The series

  • The scenes of the characters wandering around a completely empty Tokyo. It's incredibly eerie to see cars stopped in the middle of the road, still-warm food sitting on tables, and streets without a single person in sight.
  • In the first game the protagonists play, a high school girl joins them. Stressed from the time limit and lack of clear reasoning, she rushes through the ‘Live’ door. She’s immediately struck down by a laser through the head. You see the aftermath, and it isn’t pretty. It also helps set up the violent nature of the series.
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  • That game, which is unique to the live-action version, is an example of disturbing in-universe Guide Dang It!!. The logic required to solve the game without resorting to sacrifice or a blind 50/50 choice is very complicated, and wouldn’t be easy to figure out for someone without Arisu’s specific knowledge. Without that logic, they would have quickly been weeded out and killed before even learning about the world.
  • After clearing their first game, Arisu and the others collect their thoughts, only to be interrupted by a man getting shot through the head by a laser. They now know that they only have a certain number of days between games or they will suffer the same fate. A wider shot of the city shows dozens of other lasers finding their targets.
  • The second game that Arisu and Karube participate in is a deadly game of tag. The larger group of participants being killed off, as well as the new knowledge that the Dealers are other players, makes it a very suspenseful and scary episode.
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  • Chota’s backstory. It’s unsettling on its own, but the fact that he begins having flashbacks while Shibuki has sex with him makes it worse. It’s made even less sexy by how she has been shown to approach sex in the past— she used it as currency to be promoted at her job, and it’s heavily implied that she is using it here to make Chota more loyal to her.
  • The third episode shockingly kills off three of the four main characters.
    • In the manga, Saori, along with Karube and Chota, sacrificed herself willingly (after a bit of a struggle, of course) for Arisu to move on. In the show, up until seconds before her death, she is still attempting to kill him. It’s actually very disturbing to see her being held down and forced to give up her life for him.
  • While staying at the Beach, Arisu and Usagi do some investigation into how the ‘paradise’ functions. Arisu quickly finds a dumpster of rotting bodies, showing that Hatter was serious about ‘death to betrayers’.