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Ace is the worst deal for the players to take.
It's the hardest difficulty (comparable to a Face Card's) among the numbers, but will only extend the Visa by one day.

Games from other ranks.
You can guess what games were played for ranks not shown in manga or Netflix here.
  • Ace of Hearts: Do not press the button
    • The player is in a room with a big red button inside.
    • There is a timer indicating for long the player has to be in the room.
    • Game is cleared when time is up.
    • Game is over when the player pushes the button.
  • Queen of Diamonds: Chess, or a variant of it.
  • Queen of Spades:
    • Dancing contest.
    • Balancing act on a tight rope.
  • Jack of Spades: A 1v1 death match in martial arts. J♠ can only be challenged by one player at a time.
    • If too much people queue outside the game venue, then K♠ will take the opportunity to come in and kill them all.
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  • Queen of Clubs: A real-time tactical game against a single citizen and her robotic army.
  • King of Hearts:
    • Once entered, the player has two choices:
      • Kill the citizen, but escaping the venue afterwards will be very difficult.
      • Join his alliance. This is another way the player can become a citizen.
    • There is one crown that only one player can hold onto (starts with the citizen). The one with the crown decides whether the game is cleared for the players.
      • Other players can try to take the crown by any means.
  • Ace of Spades: 2.4km run

The montage showing games played by minor characters contains new cards.
When Arisu and Usagi first enter the beach in Netflix's episode 5, The Hatter reveals the cards he has collected thus far. At that time, not including face cards, he's missing: 2♠, 6♠, 4♦, 2♣, 4♣, 7♥ and 10♥.

Arisu already has 7♥ from Hide and Seek, and Arisu and Usagi both got 4♣ from Distance. After that, Aguni clears 6♠ Beast Hunter and Arisu helps Ann clear 4♦ Light Bulb. By 10♥ Witch Hunt, all other cards have been collected. So, where do the remaining cards come from? The answer may lie in the games shown alongside Aguni and Arisu's games:
  • Hunting Competition: 2♣
  • Human Elevator: 2♠ (2 spades symbols are projected onto the building)
  • Bingo in Match Factory (participated by Usagi): a repeat card
    • Game type has to be Clubs based on the bingo interface.
    • Value could be 10 as 10 club symbols are printed onto the bingo sheet, though they are cropped out of focus. Plus 8 out of 10 players being already dead by that point implies high difficulty.

Netflix's Season 2 will showcase different Face Card Games.
Maybe except for the K♠ one and Q♥ Croquet.