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Stage One: Pip Cards

    3♣ Good Fortune, Bad Fortune (Manga) 
Manga Placement: Chapters 1-3
Anime Placement: OVA 1
This is the first game unwittingly participated by Arisu, Chōta and Daisuke as they stumbled across an outdoor fair at a shrine. They are also joined by an office lady, who is unimpressed by newbies. Daisuke wants to leave, but she stops him, throwing a stick at the entrance. The stick bursts into flames, revealing a grid of laser trap.

Participants: Any
Prize: None

As the game counts down to start, the office lady introduces herself as Saori. A three of spades is displayed on the screen. She tells the group that with this difficulty, as long as they cooperate, they can win this game together. The timer hits zero and the rules as presented:

  • One by one, each player draws a paper fortune.
    • If any, the player has to answer the question given by the fortune.
    • If answered incorrectly, a number of flaming arrows will be shot into the game zone based on the difference between the given answer and the correct answer.
  • The game is cleared when everyone has drawn a fortune.
  • The game is over when the last person fails to do so by the time all lanterns are off.

With the first lantern off, Daisuke draws first and gets the best luck. Feeling more assured, Chōta draws next. He get a little luck, but has to answer a complex math equation. Chōta's casual answer is 3 off, so 3 arrows are shot into the shrine, narrowly hitting him.

Saori draws next and gets a bad luck and an unfamiliar question. She and Daisuke thought they've made a smart answer, but they were 420 off, so they are attacked by a rain of arrows. The group managed to hide safely, but an arrow shot Chōta by the leg in the process.

Arisu is the last to draw, and he ended with terrible luck—he has to answer an unfamiliar question, but by the scale in millions! As he thinks in frustration for the answer he could never have known, he suddenly realized the correspondence of the "luck" of the fortune by where the arrows are shot from. Based on the pattern, the arrows that would come from Daisuke's super luck would be from the south, so the team rushed in that direction before getting overwhelmed by the balance of Arisu's answer.

Daisuke finds a hidden underground and the group jumps into safety. They find a screen congratulating them for clearing the game. It also guides them to exit the game hall through an underground sewer. A cash register below prints out a playing card as well as a receipt confirming their Visa extending for 3 days.


    3♣ Dead or Alive (Netflix) 
Netflix Placement: Episode 1

    5♠ Tag 
Manga Placement: Chapters 6-8
Anime Placement: OVA 2
Netflix Placement: Episode 2
To extend their Visa, Arisu and Daisuke seek to participate a game. Chōta stays out to recover his injuries, with Saori staying by his side. The available venue is an apartment complex. Just as Arisu and Daisuke enter the building, the game starts.

Arisu and Daisuke see more people participating the game, including a schoolgirl who switches to athletic gear upon hearing the game rank, and a hooded man using a power outlet. Another man approaches the duo, introducing himself as Nitobe. He wants to join forces with those already in the know. Seeing them just as observant, Nitobe explains the ranking system of the game:

The value of the card represents the game's difficulty in ascending order, while the suit represents the following category: Spades (♠) are physical, Diamonds (♦) are intellect, Clubs (♣) involves teamwork and Hearts (♥) are the most cruel kind of games. Before Nitobe could elaborate further on ♥ games, the rules to this game are announced.

  • There is an "it" to run away from.
    • "It" will start appearing 5 minutes after the game starts.
  • There is only one room among the entire complex that is unlocked. It is the safe zone.
  • Time Limit: 30 minutes
  • Game is cleared upon touching the safe zone.
  • Game over conditions:
    • Time is up. When that happens, the whole building explodes, killing everyone in it.
    • "It" kills all players.
  • No leaving the apartment. Land mines are set around the complex.

Tension rises within the arena as the premise reminds a few players of a local legend of a mass murderer. The game starts as "it" will enter in five minutes. Most of the players scatter as advised by the announcer. Arisu, Daisuke and Nitobe move together as a group.

    2♥ Carriage Transversion 
Manga Placement: Chapter 10
Anime Placement: OVA 3
The game took place some time before Saori joined Arisu's group. This was her first game in Borderland. She meets two experienced players who taught her a lot about the games as they enter a train.

Participants: One at a Time
Time Limit: None
Prize: None

Interpreting the number of participants as one per train, Saori and one of the other players left to board separate trains. When she enters her own train, the game begins.

  • In a train, there are four carriages, excluding the one you start in.
  • Game is cleared when the player goes through all of them.
  • One of the carriages is filled with poisonous gas. If the player inhales them, the game is over.
    • There are flowers that indicate whether the carriage has poison, but they are hidden from view from the previous carriage.
  • The players are provided with gas masks, each with 3 canisters of oxygen. Each usage of them lasts for 5 minutes.
    • Once used, the canister cannot be stopped for later use.
  • When a carriage is entered, the door to the next is locked for 5 minutes.
    • If any, the poison is expelled out by that time.

With the latter part of the rules, the players realize that they must enter one of the rooms that may be poisoned. In the end, all three players uses up the gas masks for the first two rooms. By then, Saori gives up hope and entered the third room without wearing the gas mask. Surprisingly, the room has no poison gas.

In the point-of-view of the other players, they've used up their last cylinder for the third not-poison room. They realized that they have to either open the door to their poisonous doom, or wait for their starvation or their Visa running out.

Saori cries in relief as she exit from the last carriage and clear the game. She waited for the other players, but no other trains arrived since.

    7♥ Hide and Seek 
Manga Placement: Chapters 11-13
Anime Placement: OVA 3
Netflix Placement: Episode 3
To extend their Visa, especially Chōta and Saori's, the group seeks for another game to participate. The available venue found is the Botanic Gardens.

Participants: Any
Time Limit: 10 minutes
Prize: Mutton
Participants may take any weapons provided.
Participants must wear the collared device to play.

Taking what they need and equipping the devices, the team enters the garden as they ready themselves to take on the challenge.

  • One player becomes the wolf, while the rest become the sheep.
  • The sheep will try to avoid eye contact to the wolf.
  • If the wolf looks into the sheep's gaze for three seconds, the device's sensor will detect and their roles will switch.
  • Game ends when the time is up.
    • Game is cleared for the wolf.
    • Game is over for the sheep; their collars will explode, killing them.

The game starts with Chōta as the wolf, but the confusion causes the role to switch back-and-forth. Saori flees upon receiving the wolf role.

    4♣ Distance (Netflix) 
Netflix Placement: Episode 4

    6♠ Everyone's a Zebra (Manga) / Beast Hunter (Netflix) 
Manga Placement: Chapter 17
Netflix Placement: Episode 5
This game demonstrates the prowess of the Beach's Military Faction. However, one is eaten by a harem of lions...

Kill all predators to clear the game.

The next member runs away from a pack of hyenas. He is caught and cries for help, being about to be eaten when Agni shoots everyone down in range.
Angi: I saved you from your suffering. If you're a weak soul with no will to survive, the least you can do is die as bait!
A lion tries to pounce to him, but is sniped away by Niragi the weapons expert. Following the attack comes from a tree above, as a sword plunges into the lion, finishing it off. The final attack comes from Last Boss, though Niragi insists that the kill is his.

Angi is out of ammo for his final showdown against a hyena, so he kills it with his bear hands. With the last beast down, The Military Faction clears the game.

    4♦ Quiz (Manga) / Light Bulb (Netflix) 
Manga Placement: Chapter 18
Netflix Placement: Episode 5
To find the remaining cards, three of the Beach executives take leave to play separate games. This game is participated by No. 6 An and her group. They find themselves in an electrical hazard room that's starting to be filled with water.

  • In the room they're in, there are three switches labeled A, B and C.
  • There is a door connecting to another room, which has a lightbulb.
    • With the door opened, a switch may be flipped once.
    • With the door closed, any switches may be flipped.
    • The door will not close under any of the two conditions:
      • There are people in the lightbulb room.
      • At least one of the switches is flipped on.
  • Question: Which switch controls the bulb?
  • Game is cleared when the question is answered correctly on the first try.
  • Game is over when the water reaches the livewires.

One member suggests flipping a switch at a time while he stays in the lightbulb room, but another reminds that they can't close the door doing so. The third suggests flipping a switch, then guess between the remaining two if the first switch doesn't light the bulb. An isn't satisficed with the answer despite the chance being better than expected, so she proposes her own solution.

She first instructs to close the door and flip on A first. The other players are worried about the water level rising, but after a while, An instructs to flip A off, open the door and flip B. The bulb does not light, and the other players though they've come to the same conclusion. However, An then instructs to touch the lightbulb—if it's hot, then it's A; if not, then it's C. With this, the team is guaranteed a game clear.

    10♥ Witch Hunt 
Manga Placement: Chapters 21-28
Netflix Placement: Episodes 6-8

    4♥ Survey 
Manga Placement: Side Story 1 (Between chapters 22 and 23)
This game took place four days after Arisu joined the beach.

Life hasn't been well for highschooler Dōdō. His mother has been in mental care following her husband's affair and abandonment, and his crush ends up dating his supposed wingman. Dōdō wishes to be in another place, and next thing he knew, everyone disappeared.

As he explored the familiar, yet abandoned place, he came across an active building. There, he finds four people at the lobby. A few of are not impressed with the newcomer, so Dōdō, sensing tension from them, made his leave, but the doors won't open and let him leave.

Participants: 5 max
Game starts at 1800 sharp.

The game starts, and the group is instructed to take the elevator to the top floor. At the rooftop, each player is to climb over to the window cleaning lift to start the game. Dōdō is hesitant, but a fellow player warns him that if he disobeys the rule, he'll die.

  • A question will appear on the screen
    • Time Limit: 60 seconds
    • Between the majority and minority answers, the player must pick which side is right.
  • Game is clear if the player reaches the top floor.
  • Game is over if the player reaches the bottom floor.

On the first two questions, all players choose the majority and got them right. As the result, they are elevated by two levels total. Based on the results, one of them guessed that they would move up 1F for every right answer, and move down 1F for the wrong one. Presumably, the game starts in the middle at 10F, it's clear by reaching 20F, and it's over by reaching 1F.

On Question 3, all players picked majority, but their answer is wrong. In addition to their levels lowering by 1F, they receive a nasty electric shock! Dōdō feeling uneasy answering Question 4 following the previous question's penalty. In the end, everyone answered the majority; which is right; except for one. For choosing the minority and getting it wrong, the player's lift's cable gets released as she falls to her death. A big explosion plumes up in front of Dōdō's eyes as he witnesses first-hand a game over.

With the first death, the next question becomes more tense. By the time it's up, everyone picks the majority except one. The minority happens to be right, so the three players get zapped as they descend 1F, while the last one elevates 2F. It is at that point where they realized that if they continue to choose the majority, they'll be stuck in the middle; they have to take a risk with the minority if they want to reach 20F.

On the next questions, one player helped the others with her own knowledge on the answer. It supposed to be the minority again, but Dōdō suspects her, so he picks the opposite. In the end, the correct answer is the majority, and only one player got the wrong answer. He swears at the answer provider as he plummets to the death. Meanwhile, she rises another 5F, possibly from tricking the other players into answering the question wrong.

The same player "helps" the others again, except this time all players got the answer wrong. By this point, Dōdō grew tired to getting screwed over, so he "helped" the players on the next question, this time on the field he's familiar with, and gets the sole benefaction of answering right. However, seeing the other two players receiving electric shocks makes him feel guilty for lying to them. The next question is also a topic he's familiar with. He tries to help them with the right answer (majority), but the previous deceiver intentionally picked minority even when it would kill her.

Now on 19F, Dōdō only has to answer the question right one last time to win. Unfortunately for him, it's a survey of zero people. However, as it's a topic based within the building, the other player shouts the answer to him. Both get it right, and Dōdō leaves as he clears the game.

The remaining player has trouble answering the next question; even it's also related to the building, he didn't get to memorize the whole pamphlet. Suddenly, he hears a shout from the rooftop. It's Dōdō—bringing along the pamphlet, he returns to help the player with questions concerning the office building. Eventually, the second player clears the game too.

At the end of the game, the two split off. The other player thanks Dōdō for helping him instead of living fate to him. He notices that Dōdō is troubled by the deaths of the other players. He advices him to should through life and live on. Before making a move, the player introduces himself as Arisu.

    4♣ Runaway (Manga) 
Manga Placement: Side Story 2 (Between chapters 29 and 30)
Endure the four trials and reach the goal to clear the game!

Stage Two: Face Cards

    K♣ Osmosis 
Manga Placement: Chapters 33-41
Follwing the group's emergency split, Arisu ends up with a small group with Usagi, Kuina and Tatta. Arisu seeks out the K♣ game to get questions from the Face Card represented.

Participants: 5
Participants must wear the bracelet to play.
Gate to the venue will open when all five players are ready.
No metallic objects allowed.

The group is disgruntled to see Niragi, but as they don't have enough members, they have no choice but to team up with him.


    6♦ Blackjack 
Manga Placement: Side Story 3 (Between chapters 35 and 36)
This game took place some time before 10♥ Witch Hunt. It is participated by Shuntarō along with four other people.

Participants: 5
Time Limit: 1 Hour
Prize: Magazine
Game starts when everyone wears the noose around their necks.

  • Ruleset of Blackjack applies
    • If caught violating the ruleset, other players each get one shot ending an offender.
  • Each player starts with the amount of chips based on the number of hours they have left on their Visa.
  • Game over conditions:
    • Time limit reached.
    • Loss of all chips.
    • Illegal transfer of chips.
    • Illegal restraint.
  • Game clear condition:
    • One winner remains before the time limit.

Despite being new to gambling, Shuntarō wins several game. He also observes how the dealer handles his cards to turn the tide, and even irritate another player into slipping up. He also sees tricks done by other players that give them an advantage.

The next dealer becomes irritated by Shuntarō, aiming to put him in his place. As he first deals out, Shuntarō suggests removing his ring as it's in the way, preventing him from using its reflection to see the next card. Shuntarō then bets a single chip, while one of the other players go all in, forcing the dealer to bet all his chips. The previously mentioned player recounts the risks of over-using tricks, causing the dealer to mess up with his own and lose.

By the next round, one is down, while four players remain. The next dealer uses his own trick as he deals the cards. The previous player didn't performed as well, so he's more desperate not to get screwed over. In the middle to the next dealing, he suddenly screams, shocking the dealer and exposing his cheat. The buttons of all players except for the dealer glow, and the glass above open allowing them to access their pistols. The desperate player takes the honor of shooting the dealer in the head.

Another one down, three players remain, and the then-desperate player becomes the next dealer. He declares that with his skill Card Mechanic, he can do swiftly-invisible tricks while making sure to catch other doing their own. The other remaining player isn't impressed, being too familiar with such egotistical people such as her late husband. Shuntarō asks whether the deal has hidden any cards in his sleeve. He refuses to answer. Out of the blue, Shuntarō crumpled a card in front of his opponents. The dealer can't use his pistol as he already used it previously. The other player has the chance to use it, but she uses it kill the dealer, exposing the cheat he did indeed.

The last opponent could have eliminated Shuntarō, but she would then be screwed over. She is impressed by how he outlives the past trick masters, and now that she used up her shot, she is now at the hands of Shuntarō. Shuntarō suggests the last round to be a bet of all chips on 2 cards, just flip and stand. Surprised by his proposal, she complies, though ultimately looses.

At the end of the game, Shuntarō wishes that it ended with the battle of face cards instead of low numbers. Nonetheless, he hopes to meet more interesting people.

    7♠ Boiling Death 
Manga Placement: Side Story 4 (Between chapters 37 and 38)
Some time before 10♥ Witch Hunt is cleared, 7 people enter a stadium. The screen shows a 7 of Spades cards, indicating that the game is physical. As the group walks further, they noticed a large hole in the middle of the playing field. One of them takes the chance to look for a bathroom and went her own way. As the group inspects the hole, they noticed the screen next to it, reading:

Flee from the game venue before its destruction to clear the game!

The group feels the floor shaking. One member speculates that a volcanic reaction is set up, but before they can come to the correct conclusion, a geyser shot out of the hole, covering everyone with boiling water!

The player who went to the toilet wakes up and finds herself in debris. Struggling to get up, the schoolgirl, Akane Heiya, stumbles about to find her teammates completely cooked. Akane contemplates her life as she searches for a way out, finding an air duct. She resents her late mother's adulterous lifestyle for putting her on the bad side of karma.

At the end of the air duct, Akane has to jump into a pool of water to escape a stream rushing in. The splash knocks her leg into a rock in the process. Akane is near the exit, but she's about to loose hope when she sees a handsome guy on a poster. Reaching to it was her first step, but the building collapse further and she no longer knows where to move out.

Akane then sees an illusion, recognizing as her mother. In her last moments, the daughter decides to forgive the mother, but then the latter points to the way out, allowing Akane to fully escape and clear the game.

    J♥ Solitary Confinement 
Manga Placement: Chapters 45-49
Participants: 20 (including J♥)
Participants must wear the collar to play.
No metals or reflective surfaces allowed.
Game starts when the participation quota is met.

  • For each round:
    • Time Limit: 1 hour
    • For each player, a random suit is marked behind the collar.
    • In the last 5 minutes, each player must enter a solitary cell. Once entered, the cells will be locked.
      • By then, they get to answer what suit is behind their collar. If guessed correctly, they get to proceed to the next round.
  • The players must not do the following:
    • Going to the same cell with another.
    • Preventing other players from entering a cell.
    • Preventing other players rom answering.
  • Game over
    • Conditions:
      • They answer the suit incorrectly.
      • They violated the taboos.
    • Upon game over, the collar explodes, killing the player.
  • Game is cleared for the remaining players when J♥ gets the game over.
  • Game is cleared for J♥ when there is at most one other player left. When that happens, it's game over for the latter.

    K♠ (Climax) 
Manga Placement: Side Story 5 (Between chapters 49 and 50)

    J♦ Mahjong 
Manga Placement: Side Story 6 (1) (Between chapters 51 and 52)
Shuntarō takes part in this game shortly before participating in the K♦ game. He plays with 3 other players, including J♦ Komoyama.

  • Ruleset of Kansai Region applies here.
  • Game is cleared for the player with the highest score. Game is over for the rest.
    • If top players are tied, both get the game over.

One player is nervous over the disadvantageous clauses, plus he hasn't played with bets before. The other intend to support the top player; even if he loses, he'll take the resident down with him. That said, he's surprised how skilled Shuntarō is, scoring the highest thus far.

On Komoyama's turn, he calculates to overturn Shuntarō's placement and places his move. The other players sees it unbeatable. Shuntarō seems to play defensively, so Komoyama is assured to win and plays safe, awaiting to form a high-score combination. Unfortunately for Komoyama, he missed his opportunity due to the ruleset and ultimately fails to out-score Shuntarō on time. This causes him a game over as he falls into a pit alongside the other two player.

Shuntarō reflects that Komoyama could have taken a risk and become an invincible juggernaut in the long run, but chose the safe side that ironically becomes his undoing.

    K♦ Beauty Contest 
Manga Placement: Side Story 6 (2-5) (Between chapters 51 and 52)

  • Each player starts with 0 points.
  • For each round:
    • One the tablet, pick a number between 0-100.
    • Time Limit: 1 minute
    • The winner of the round is the one closest to x0.4 of average of everyone's pick. The losers lose 1 point each.
  • The game is over for those who reached -10 points. They will be drenched in aqua regia, the acid that melts even noble metals.
  • The game is cleared for the last person standing.
  • A rule new is added for every player lost.
    • On the round with the new rule(s) added, the time limit becomes 5 minutes. This also applies to the very first round where the rules are first established.

New Rules

  • If more than one player picks the same number, their picks are invalidated.
  • If the winner's pick is the exact match, the losers lose 2 points each.

New Rule

  • If one player picks 0, and the other picks 100, the latter wins the round.

    Q♥ Croquet 
Manga Placement: Chapters 58-62

Participants: Any
Time Limit: None
Players may bring any weapon

  • Rules of Croquet applies.
  • Game is cleared for the players' side if they finish 3 sets. When that happens, game is over for Q♥.
  • Game is over for the players' side if they retire. When that happens, game is cleared for Q♥.

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