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Names To Run Away From / Redneck Names

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Southerners as Acceptable Targets.

A form of Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Anything that sounds like it belongs to a proud resident of the Deep South can indicate someone badass, Ax-Crazy, rapey, racist or otherwise seriously disturbed.


Comic Books




  • In Cody Goodfellow's short horror story Life Coach, her psychotic, vicious dog's name is "Clovis".
  • Billy-Ray Sanguine from Skulduggery Pleasant, a sociopathic hitman who carries a special straight razor with which to cut his victims' throats.

Live-Action TV

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer 's season 6 Big Bad is named Warren Mears, which kind of foreshadows his future mental instability. (Of course, ironically, the actor's a Jew from New York, although his chick's from Alabama, but she's definitely not a redneck. And she's the one he shot.)
  • On The Shield, Shane Vendrell is not a nice person. Further, he uses the alias "Cletus van Damme".

Video Games

  • Luther-Dwayne Grady from SSX Tricky. He's a gigantic and rude guy whose play style revolves around using his massive size to his advantage.