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"Everybody's out to get me but I feel alright,
Everybody's out to get me but I feel alright,
Everybody's out to get me but I feel alright,

Everybody's thinkin' 'bout me!"
— "Stress"

Jim's Big Ego is an indie Alternative Rock band fronted by Jim Infantino, known for their irreverent, satirical style. Jim is the nephew of legendary comic book artist Carmine Infantino, who illustrated one of the band's album covers and has generally provided a huge amount of inspiration to them. One of the band's most famous songs, "The Ballad of Barry Allen", acts as a tribute to Carmine and one of his most famous co-creations. Besides that, the band's music rose to some prominence thanks to the usage of the song "Stress" in the intro to Jim Sterling's Jimquisition video game industry critique videos, which has been noted by everyone to fit the tone of the show creepily well, to the point that many mistake it for having been specifically written for the show despite predating it by a few years.


  • Angry White Man: The song "Angry White Guy" is about the hypocrisy of a rich white elite disparaging the black community while preserving the economic imbalance between them.
    All things being equal, all things being equal
    All things being equal, they're not
    After all, isn't God an angry white guy?
  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: Portrayed seriously in the narrative of "The Ballad of Barry Allen", which concerns how a being with immense Super-Speed such as The Flash would realistically perceive the world. He can't keep up conversations because ordinary people's mouths move far too slowly. Never sticking around to form relationships, he lives in constant loneliness and boredom, to the point that he believes his life was much more exciting before he got superpowers.
  • Deconstruction: "The Ballad of Barry Allen" is both this and a loving homage to his uncle's iconic superhero character, as it portrays Barry's time-distorted existence in the Speed Force as something of a living hell. However, his inner pain does not stop him from being a good, selfless hero.
  • Musical Instrument Voice: In "Stress", the protagonist exchanges pleasantries with someone whose voice is depicted only with trumpet sounds.
  • Must Have Caffeine: The protagonist of "Stress" is plainly addicted to coffee and cannot function without it. He gets through an unhealthy number of cupfuls in the morning before he even gets to work, but he's deluded enough to believe that he's cutting down. Either that, or his addiction genuinely has been worse in the past, at which point it would be hard to believe he's still breathing...
  • Subverted Rhyme Every Occasion: "Everything Must Go", off of their 2008 album Free*, has one early in the song in the form of a rather naughty Bait-and-Switch:
    I'm gonna get real drunk
    I'm gonna stay up late
    I'm gonna stay at home by myself
    And master baking cake
  • Workaholic: "Stress" is from the POV of an upbeat, motor-mouthed workaholic who claims he's merely Married to the Job and enjoys the stress as it's what keeps him productive. Considering his spontaneously aggressive rambling, he may or may not just be in denial.