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This is....The Tomorrow People

Blixty Slycat is probably the best-known alias of an electronic artist who frequently releases a high quantity of computer-made home music for free. Her music has a tiny following, and runs the gamut of music it is possible to make with only samples on a computer. She has actually long abandoned the Blixty alias, and was known as Glowwy-Lookin' Lava Lamp for some time before becoming Mojave Music.


Blix's most recent music can be streamed or downloaded from her bandcamp page. Some of her older material can be found on here (under "Lightex" then "Discography"). She also has a Youtube Channel where non-album songs may be found.

Though she did, at one time, use the moniker Lightex, she should not be confused with the lighting company Lightex Electronics, the slang term for a lighter used to smoke marijuana, or the Deviant Art artist ~LightEX~.


Selected Discography

Pre-SectionZ works (currently considered lost)

  • A Volatile Mixture
  • Desert Burner
  • Kassetenacht
  • Ghost Tape - The Original, not the abbreviated remix on Nonfiction Mixed in Silver

As Dewerks

  • This Too Is a Mystery — 2010: Saw limited release on Re-released under the Lightex moniker.

With SRC as The Fragmentation Collective

  • Midnight Stories — 2010: Saw limited release on

As Lightex or Lightex The Tomorrow People

(Some of this is only available for download on this never-finished website)

  • I Found Myself in a Dark Wood — February 2011, album of keyboard improvisations.
  • float zombies — May, 2011
  • The Superdope Massive From Way-Out (Exile Over Blue Mountain) — May, 2011

As Blixty Slycat

(available on Bandcamp)

  • Blix.trip: Edition II — August 2011, compilation album of some original tracks and some old material. "Edition I" is identical except for the album cover.
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  • Elsewhere — November 2011: Psychadelia album
  • Nonfiction Mixed in Silver — April 2012: Compilation of new and old material under a variety of aliases.
  • The Beet Tape — May 2012: A series of short hip-hop beats and remixes.
  • Adventures in Low Fidelity — A set of two albums of differing genres:
    • Volume One — May 2012 — a "trippy" album;
    • Volume Two — June 2012 — themed around the ocean and deep sea exploration.

As Glowwy-Lookin' Lava Lamp

  • How've You Been? — August 2012 — EP of more "water music".
  • Songs From a Wandering Star — upcoming release


As Sunproof

  • A Line of Telephones - Weird psychadelic sound collage.
  • Anorak Avenue (Sunproof Remix) - A remix of one of Tre Stuck's District 76 songs.

As Chime Bell

  • Two Minute Miracle - One-off electro swing single, later rapped over by Tubesock (release forthcoming).


  • "Lost at...." and its remix, with 0dd1 as Under the Volcano.
  • "Camels" by Blixty Slycat and Tre Stuck, from TS's first album District 76.
  • "Thy Phantom (Time Traveler)" by Cel-Man Iller & Tha Immortal

Tropes that apply to Blixty Slycat's music:

  • all lowercase letters - float zombies.
  • Amen Break - used in "Elephants!".
  • And Now For Something Completely Different - I Found Myself in a Dark Wood, which contained no samples at all, only very low fidelity keyboard improvisations, tapping noises, and indistinct sounds from a nearby TV.
  • Catchphrase - Several of her releases feature the same doctored sample of a person saying the page quote. The original says "Bendix: The Tomorrow People".
  • Call-Back - "Blixty Slycat is Dead" ends with a pitch-doctored sample of "Deserted Shoreline" off of Blix.trip.
  • Limited Special Collector's Ultimate Edition - Blix.trip: Edition II is a subversion. The only thing different is a slightly cooler cover and the absence of "Gap", a second-long silence between the two halves of the album.
  • Digital Piracy Is Evil - Here inverted, Blixty refuses to sell the music she makes at all, giving it away instead, and thinks digital piracy is a good thing.
  • Genre Roulette - While they are all electronic at their core, Blixty's albums' actual content, both sonically and thematically, varies widely.
  • I Have Many Names - A number of which have been used only once or twice.
  • Manipulative Editing: See Catchphrase above. Spliced together from two of Raymond Scott's radio commercials.
  • Sampling - Forms the backbone of her work. Only one album (I Found Myself in a Dark Wood) contains no samples, and many albums contain nothing but. When original instruments are introduced, they're usually done by collaborators or simple synth tones.
  • Self-Parody - "Blixty Slycat is Dead".
  • Shout-Out - By way of sampling or song titles. Some examples:
    • Blix.trip to BIT.TRIP
    • Elsewhere's "Unbuilt, Thine Mysterie" to Sarah McLachlan's "Building a Mystery".
    • "Radio Zachary (Listening to 11.975MHz)" to....well guess.
    • "Renegades of Fuck" to Afrika Bambaataa's "Renegades of Funk"
    • "Someday in the Rain" is named after a Haruhi Suzumiya episode
    • "Forgotten Eastern Spirit" is a vague allusion to Touhou, and refers to Mima, whose theme it samples.
      • Likewise, its remix "The Melody X From a Wandering Star" refers to Nue, as does "Concealed Alien from a Quasar".
  • That Man Is Dead - "Blixty Slycat is Dead" on How've You Been?
  • Word Salad Lyrics - Mike K's rapping on "The Funky Cow" off of Blix.trip, and again on "The Boat" on Nonfiction Mixed in Silver.

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