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Ashton, Garnder & Dyke were an English R&B band formed by Tony Ashton (Piano, Vocals), Kim Gardner (Bass) and Roy Dyke (Drums). They were later joined by Mick Liber (Guitar), Lyle Jenkins and Dave Caswell (Horns), subsequently becoming Ashton, Gardner, Dyke & Co.



  • 1969: Ashton, Gardner & Dyke
  • 1970: The Worst of Ashton, Gardner & Dyke
  • 1972: What A Bloody Long Day It's Been


  • Maiden Voyage / See The Sun In My Eyes
  • Resurrection Shuffle
  • Can You Get It / Delirium

Troper Head, Troper Mind

  • B-Side: The non-album "See The Sun In My Eyes" and "Delirium"
  • Call-and-Response Song: "Can You Get It"
  • Dance Sensation: Their record company wanted "Resurrection Shuffle" to become one of these and even printed dance moves in adverts.
  • Epic Rocking: "As It Was In The First Place", 1972's "Falling Song", "(The Old) Rock and Roll Boogie Woogie"
  • Fading into the Next Song: "It's Gonna Be A High Tonight" and "It's A Drag, I'm A Drag" come under the same time marker on the artwork and contain some classic Ashton dialogue in-between songs.
  • Hymn to Music: "(The Old) Rock and Roll Boogie Woogie"
  • Idiosyncratic Album Theming: The cover of "The Worst of" features 10 personalities who represent the 10 songs on the album.
  • Metal Scream "It's A Drag, I'm A Drag"
  • Name, Name & Name
  • New Sound Album
    • Ashton Gardner & Dyke is mostly jazzy numbers with minimal arrangements limited to the three piece backing track
    • "The Worst Of" has more of an American sound and was the first time they brought in guests or session musicians
    • "Bloody Long Day" contains a wider variety of genres and styles and is notably more dense, textured and layered
  • Non-Appearing Title: There are some of these amongst their discography though most only because Tony wasn't the most stringent with his vocal takes. "Billy And His Piano" (both of 'em!), "Hymn To Everyone", "The Falling Song", "Ballad Of The Remo Four"
    • "It's A Drag, I'm A Drag". Both parts of the title appear in the same line but not consecutively.
    • "What A Bloody Long Day It's Been" scrapes through since Tony adlibs "'s all been!"
  • Ode to Intoxication: "It's Gonna Be A High Tonight"
    "Drinkin' everything in sight
    'til I can't tell wrong from right"
  • Protest Song: "Don't Want No War No More"
  • Record Producer: Tony Ashton went on to produce several albums in the mid 70s by bands such as Chas And Dave and Kilburn and the Highroads
  • Rearrange the Song:
    • "As It Was In The First Place" was originally a Remo Four number called "In The First Place" which was recorded for George Harrison's Wonderwall film.
    • 1969's The Falling Song had 6 and a half minutes of solos and groove added when it was rerecorded in 1972.
  • Religion Rant Song: "Oh Lord"
  • Rock-Star Song: "The Ballad Of The Remo Four"
  • Rock Trio: What they became by their 2nd album when they brought musicians into the studio to help augment their sound.
  • Self-Titled Album: Their 1st, and by extension 2nd, album is this.
  • The Something Song: "Falling Song"