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  • Oingo Boingo - Little Girls
    "Does it please you to employ little girls or little boys? ...Do you peek at magazines filled with doggies and leather queens?"
  • Ken Kaniff from Connecticut. Not safe for work! You've been warned. (Thank God he isn't real.)
  • The teacher from the video for The Birthday Massacre's "Looking Glass."
  • Blind Guardian's video for their song Mr. Sandman has three Pedo Clowns. Poor kid in the video is gonna need some serious therapy. As if that video wasn't pure Monster Clown-filled horror already...
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  • Speaking of, the creepy old guy from the video for Metallica's Enter Sandman.
    Hush little baby, don't say a word, never mind that voice you heard, it's just the beasts under your bed, in your closet, in your head.
  • The original rapist to appear in a heavy metal song is "Captain Howdy" from the first half of Twisted Sister's Horror-Teria, but don't worry; in the second half, Captain Howdy face some vigilante "Street Justice."
  • Mr Sandman in "Today's Lesson" (by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds) "has a certain appetite for Janie in repose / he digs her pretty knees and that she's completely naked underneath her clothes". Yeah... Janie seems to be into it, but then, it's ambiguous whether she's an adult or not.
  • The man wearing a black and red striped sweater in the music video for Three Days Grace's song "Never Too Late".
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  • Show of Hands' "Innocents' Song" has King Herod as a Flying Dutchman Shadow Archetype of Santa Claus who's either a Memetic Molester or a Memetic Child Eater.
    Who's the smiling stranger
    With his hair as white as gin,
    What is he doing with the children
    Who could have let him in?
  • The male singer of the "Baby It's Cold Outside" duet. Mostly for her line about "What's in this drink?"
    • Gets even creepier to anyone that's used to the Glee version...
    • It should be noted that the lyrics have the lines usually sung by a woman designated as "mouse" and those usually sung by a man lines designated as "wolf", although they are not gendered, and recordings featuring a male mouse and female wolf do exist.
  • Aerosmith's "Uncle Salty". Another Aerosmith example is the "Rag Doll" video, which was banned from Much Music for a scene wherein a young woman comes in and sits on a man's lap ("Daddy's little cutie.").
  • Mr. Lapage in Steely Dan's "Everyone's Gone To The Movies."
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  • The Toy Master by Avantasia. Don't you be afraid, come and step inside, take a look around...
  • Ozzy Osbourne's "Mr. Tinkertrain" is quite clearly about a child molester.
  • "I'm So Pedophile" by Onision
  • Maurice Chevalier singing "Thank Heavens for Little Girls". Hrm.
  • Kate Cebrano's "Young Boys Are My Weakness".
  • Bruce Springsteen's "I'm On Fire" goes between this and a Jail Bait song.
  • Duke Sateriajis Venomania. Seriously, just watch the video.
  • Foreigner's "Hot Blooded" has some really unfortunate undertones; the lyrics are about the singer seducing a fan. Which would be fine, if every single verse didn't have at least one line implying that said girl is underage and a virgin. The girl is asked if she's "old enough", if she'll be ready for him to "call her bluff," he'll show her loving like "[she] never knew", and that they'll have to sneak away from "you know who" (presumably, the girl's guardian) in order to get it on. The last verse before the song fades out has a line that goes "I'm so hot for you, child." Catchy tune, disturbing lyrics.
  • In the strangely sinister video for the Blue Öyster Cult's "Joan Crawford", keyboards player Allen Lanier - who even looks (for this video) somewhat seedy and untrustworthy around young girls, is seen hanging around a lot of Catholic School Girls note . In one scene, as the rest of the band perform the number, the girls troop downstairs from an upper room. Pause for a few seconds. Then a shifty-looking Allen comes out of the same door, theatrically checking to see if he's being observed, then he sidles down the steps. It all looks rather suspect.
  • The "memetic" part may not apply to Ogden Edsl's "Kinko the [Kid-Loving] Clown." The whole point of the song is that Kinko, with his "dirty pictures" and "happy cigarettes", is at the very least a child molester and possibly a kidnapper or even murderer.

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