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Judas, the spirit of death, is cursed for his sins and must reap 666 souls in order to get back his human body. Problem is, he's an Intangible Man, thus can't actually kill anyone. Thus he takes Eve, a feminine young boy, and possesses him to use his death powers and reap souls... Except it seems to get plenty sidetracked by people who are obsessed with 'Eden', and the inhumane acts they commit to find it...

...Much better than it sounds.


Tropes associated with this manga:

  • Awesome McCoolname: Judas? Awesome. Zero Equals Mascchettiano? Badass.
  • Body Horror: Paul. Oh god, Paul. Also, all the experiments Sorahito did or the results from being injected with the Eden drug in general.
  • Gender Bender: Eve, when Judas is using his powers to reap and then permanently after the Apostle Revival.
  • Reincarnation Romance: Eve is later revealed to be the very first eve, as in the eve that lived in the garden of eden, and is also Judas' first love.


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