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Literature / The Forgotten Door

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The Forgotten Door is a children's novel by Alexander Key first published in 1965.

Due to its inclusion in many elementary school required reading lists, the book has survived on mediocre popularity, and remains one of the few books by its author still in print.

The plot concerns a young boy, Jon, who accidentally 'falls' to Earth through the titular portal. Accustomed as he is to his utopian, pacifistic, vegetarian, and money-free world, Jon's bewildered attempts to connect with the petty grievances of Earthlings serve as foil to the reader; and while there is some action and suspense, the main tension of the story comes from the sympathetic family that shelters Jon being forced to confront their own complacency towards the injustices of their world while trying to make Jon understand that this is just how life is — but of course, for Jon and his world, it isn't.

This book provides examples of: