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Literature / The Cracked Conspiracy

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One of the few existing pictures that show Davis without a cock in his mouth

The Cracked Conspiracy, the definition of the word esoteric, written by Shamus.P. Davis, or College Binary began writing a story out of boredom and lack of any real writing one day, so he decided to make it a fan fic about some of the more prominent members on Cracked. It originally was supposed to be only a few updates long, but it gained immense popularity among all those who read it, and thus Binary kept writing it. This would account for the disjointed, plot-holed story in the beginning. If you've never been to the Cracked Forums, or the internet, first of all, how are you reading this? And secondly: you are fat and nobody likes you. Possibly homosexual.


This kickass web-novel provides examples of:


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