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An urban fantasy Web Serial Novel currently on its fourth book.

Books in the series:

  • Mirrorfall (MF) - Playful Hacker Stef is recruited by The Men in Black and shown the Masquerade.
  • Mirrorheart (MH) - After the mirrorfall, a life hangs in the balance, as do the punishments for attempting a resurrection.
  • Mirrorshades (MS) - Becoming an agent is by no means an easy process, especially when there are those that would see you fail.
  • The Grey Edge (GE) - Life isn't easy when you're half-magpie, and less so when your entire family is pyschotic, and so is the man you're in love with.
    • First book with the focus on Magnolia and Taylor, rather than Ryan and Stef.

Main Cast

  • Stef Mimosa
  • Agent Ryan
  • Curt O'Connor
  • Agent Jones
  • Merlin
  • Agent Taylor
  • Magnolia Hammond

Important Members of the Secondary Cast

  • Agents Parker
  • Death
  • Agent Grigori

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The series provides examples of:

  • Back from the Dead - Stef, once as a child, and then again when she's stabbed by a piece of mirror at the end of Mirrorfall. It also happens throughout the later series as Agents have a 're-spawn' function and the mirror refuses to let Stef stay dead. Taylor is also an example.
  • Waistcoat of Style - Part of the formal uniform for the Field department, is a Bad Ass Longcoat.
  • Blood Knight - there's a reason people are scared of Taylor.
  • Bottomless Magazines - Justified in Mirror Shades#56 Stef uses her heart to wish for some guns and ammo, she later finds out the guns are magic and have unlimited ammo, they also give the owner Improbable Aiming Skills
  • Playful Hacker - how Stef makes her living before joining the Agency. Also, arguably the entire tech department.
  • Cold-Blooded Torture - A reoccurring theme in the series. Details are not spared. We see the effects of it on the characters Stef many many times, but also what causes people to do it Curt is a reformed Torturer/Interigator
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  • Deadpan Snarker - Curt is certainly one. Very good at impromptu snarky lines.
  • Half-Human Hybrid - Magnolia, who is half-magpie.
  • The Grim Reaper - Death's a recurring secondary character.
  • Invisible to Adults - Members of the Lost who operate as imaginary friends are selectively visible.
  • Imaginary Friend - Stef has Captain Hook as an imaginary friend as a child.
  • Mama Bear - Jonesy is this for Merlin.
  • Masquerade
  • The Men in Black - The agents.
  • Mind Rape - Agents have this ability. It can be used as torture Petersen did this to Curt or just to find out information/intentions as Ryan did to Stef at the beginning of Mirror Heart
  • Nightmare Sequence - Two separate types here:
    • Stef's nightmares after coming back from the dead, appear without warning or explanation, genuinely terrify her even though she cannot remember the content.
    • Glitches - both induced and natural - essentially hallucinations for agents that cannot be distinguished from reality.
  • Parental Substitute - Running theme in the series.
    • Primarily with the Ryan/Stef dynamic (developed through MH, stated openly in MS, now he routinely refers to her as his daughter).
    • Jones for Merlin.
    • Agent Mike and his adopted son Bennefree.
    • Agent "Billy" Williams and Milla.
  • Freak Out - Stef, several times, most noticeably in MH where after being shot the first time after coming back she descends into a full meltdown, externalising the voices in her head, quoting River Tam and playing with small pieces of her own brain.
  • Abusive Parents - a few examples throughout the series.
    • Stef's were emotionally distant and sometimes outright neglectful - prime example being they failed to notice the events of MF#01.
      • Her father goes beyond emotionally distant and neglectful when he shoots her in the head in the fourth book Oubliette
  • Small Girl, Big Gun Subverted. Stef is asked to pick a gun and chooses a sensibly small "girly gun". Ryan even comments on how every recruit picks out something unsuitably large like a desert eagle, to which Stef responds "‘I think,’ she said as she handed the Desert Eagle back, ‘I’d break my damn nose if I tried to use that thing.’"
    • Merlin's of book four, only hints have been dropped, but the consensus is "Oh boy..."
    • Magnolia's mother
  • Split Personality - Stef hears a voice in her head (which fans refer to as Boldvoice). She generally known of as the sensible one who keeps them both alive. When Ryan goes into her mind he meets a two of Stef, supporting the split personalty theory for Boldvoice. Generally Boldvoice cannot control Stef but has spoken through Stef and even performed actions specifically during her attempted suicide in Obilette
  • Eye Scream


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