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Literature / Expiry Date

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A Web Serial Novel by Magic Conan 14 (aka Courage's admin) that can be read here. However, in the spirit of Tumblr, the latest chapters appear first. It's a story which was first published in 2013.

In 2014, there are creatures called Barcodes which are released to keep the inhabitants of Sezaria under control. Kieran and Dawn, the two protagonists, defeat the Barcodes and relieve the citizens of their fear.Some of the citizens, including Dawn's father and Kieran, are the Dated - their wrists have their expiry date on them. So, Dawn and Kieran try to live their lives as much as they can before the latter dies. However, Kieran's sister Electra, who's one of the Barcode creators for a group called Alkahest, won't make it an easy task...


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