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Oh hai dere, all you people in the world who want to know me better. I'm not too experienced in the world of linking/indexing pages, so you'll need to help me with that. I do learn quite quickly from existing examples, so maybe just scrap that. Otherwise, there isn't really anything else to know other than the fact I type fanfics.

Find stuff here: and


My handle is one whole wiki-word-like clump...

Now doing trope pages for my fics. Pitch in if you want, but be warned: some of my fics have very short life spans.

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Tropes associated with Magic Conan 14:

  • Alter-Ego Acting: On this site. Only two or three posts have the Alter-Ego Acting though.
  • Attention Deficient Creator Disorder: As of the 2nd of October 2013 I have 26 fics to finish out of 39. The rest are either ongoing or finished or Christmas specials, and that doesn't include Ro.Te.O or its crossover Crimson...not to mention there are always new stories on the horizon for me...
  • Urban Fantasy: I do a lot of these.
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