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Literature / A Match Made in High School

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A Match Made in High School is a 2010 Young Adult Romance novel by Kristin Walker.

The seniors of ECHS are forced into Arranged Marriage and Weddings for Everyone at the beginning of the book. Why, you ask? The principal just got dumped and she wants to make sure the kids know how to handle a marriage. So she's implemented a mandatory yearlong program to make the kids playact at marriage (with budgets, mutual jobs and mutual activities—but no sex!) with someone they've been randomly assigned to. Naturally, the parents and students are all pissed off about this. Especially pissed off about is our narrator, Fiona, who's been married off to Jerk Jock Todd Harding. And her crush has been married off to Todd's girlfriend. Nasty pranks, insults, secret relationships and crushes, and cheerleading ensue.


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