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  • The Cry of Fear Let's Play with Nilesy.
    "Noooo! You don't touch my Zoey!"
  • The second half of her Q and A session where she addresses the problems she's faced herself and her efforts to help others. Most of it is beautiful. Nobody has ever put it better.
  • You are Awesome Zoey tells her story to show support for those who are bullied or depressed or have problems with their lives. Tearjerker meets Heartwarming meets Moment of Awesome. I defy you not to tear up a little when watching it.
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  • People being accepting of her girlfriend Fiona, who joined her on the livestream, and of Zoey reversing her decision to appear on facecam due to her anxiety.
  • Zoey sends Fiona a Valentines. Adorable doesn't even begin to describe it.
  • In the final battle against Lysandre in Pokémon X and Y, she chooses not to use Xerneas for it since she feels that it's had enough abuse and deserves some rest away. She also refers to it as a rescue rather than capturing it, saying she's here to help it and not to hurt it. Finally, she chooses to finish the fight with Chou, complete with flashback to him as a baby Chespin.
  • Before she leaves for the haunted house, she absolutely has to try the playground slide out.
  • Pretty much everything about Zoey playing Gone Home. Her Squees every time something romantic happens is just too adorable for words.
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  • In episode 21 of Zoey's Tomodachi Life LP, Fiona's Mii asks out Zoey's. Zoey's joyful squeals are so worth the wait.
  • Episode 24 of Zoey's Tomodachi Life: Zoey's Mii proposes to Fiona's. Words can't describe the girls' reactions, to Fiona's jealousy of Sips' Mii (who wanted to ask out Zoey's) to them unable to stop blushing at the whole situation. It's difficult not to smile around these two in general.
  • As of December 6th, Zoey and Fiona will be moving into their own place, a real life Fizone, something Zoey once never thought possible. The poor girl has been through so much in the past and now she'll be able to start fresh with the love of her life.
  • Rushing to Kim Richards' defence after someone sent racist abuse her way.
  • When In The Little Wood mentioned that he may be depressed, Zoey was one of the first to send him encouraging messages to try and make him feel better.
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  • On her and Fiona's Christmas livestream, not only did Zoey show her face on webcam for the first time, not only did she and Fiona tell everyone how grateful and proud of their viewers they are, but they melted thousands of hearts at once by kissing on camera. It's just too adorable for words.
  • Her tribute post to her now deceased cat, Ziggy, is equal parts this and Tear Jerker. Ziggy was the cat that constantly knew if something was up with Zoey, arrived and cheered her up with a purr or gentle headbutt to the nose.
  • After months of channel hiatus, Zoey announces she's on the mend in the most badass way possible.
  • Announcing that as nervous as she may be, Zoey plans to go to a pride parade with Fiona despite her crippling anxiety. Adorable.
    • Now they've been and it all went well! Even better, they were almost at the front of the parade!
  • Hannah Rutherford defending her after some anon hate towards her and Fiona.
  • A combination of this and Moment of Awesome: Zoey getting up on the Yogscast karaoke stream and singing love songs to Fiona (as well as Learn to Fly, just because). Not a single heart was left unmelted. Lewis in particular seemed very impressed, "like a proud father" as someone in the chat stated.
  • Near the end of her 2015 Christmas Eve live stream, Zoey receives praise from a fan about how far she has come since her start, being able to host a livestream with a constant live camera and having collaborated on other channels countless times throughout the year. Zoey suddenly gets very firm and serious and tells everyone that they should be thanking Fiona, because she couldn't have done any of it without her constant love and support. Fiona tells Zoey that it was really all her. They playfully argue over this for some time.
    • Earlier and more serious is her Rousing Speech about the importance of donating to charity.
    Zoey: You're fucking awesome. [...] We're literally saving lives.
  • In May 2016, Zoey started feeling depressed again, and had to end a stream two hours early because she just didn't feel good about streaming. However, her fanbase quickly began to send her words of encouragement, respect and love, and to show her that they'll always be there for her. Zoey later made a statement on Reddit regarding this, and thanked her fans for being so encouraging.
    I'm really sorry to bring my depression on to the stream and bring the whole mood down. Sticking to a schedule and entertaining you guys every Saturday has helped so much but for some reason today that wasn't enough. I'm really sorry if anyone felt worse after my stream that's like the exact opposite of my goal! Thank you so much for your love and support I promise I'm going to keep trying and going and hopefully next week will be better.
    I don't regret this stream though, sometimes it's just impossible to hide depression and other such illnesses and I think it's important for people to learn that, I can't be the quirky happy bubbly thing 100% of the time online, in a way it's sort of refreshing that you guys still support me even after stuff like this.
    Keep on keepin' on, you all mean so much to me. <3

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