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Heartwarming / In The Little Wood

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  • Martyn stopped making videos for a while, because he was looking after his girlfriend and doing his utmost to help her recover from meningitis. He's quite obviously very upset by the whole thing, too.
  • Martyn meeting Toby for the first time IRL. The hug goes on for several very long seconds.
    • Toby may be a Butt-Monkey in most of Martyn's videos, but there's never any doubt they're best friends. Especially in their joint adventure maps, and Livestreams where Toby is the only person Martyn will feel bad about backstabbing to win.
    Martyn: We can DO THIS, Toby, we can do this!
    Martyn: We're invincible!
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  • Martyn's general response to his fanbase, known amongst themselves as 'Saplings', is overall heart warming. He's always gushing about the awesome art they do and being ridiculously nice when he runs into them in public. He also seems very aware that his some of his fanbase skews slightly younger than other Yogscasters and has respect for that.
    "Saplings can grow up to be anything they want to be. Never forget that.
  • His joint channel Inthelittledream with girlfriend Kaeyi, is full of heart warming moments. There's just something adorable about their willingness to share their lives with people, and their obvious excitement at their new life together (and given some of the entries on the Tear Jerker page, they've certainly earned it).
  • Toby's always getting the Butt-Monkey treatment on the Advent Calendar Adventure which makes this moment sort of adorable as well as hilarious.
    "Speaking of sharing beds, Toby, you wanna sleep in mine tonight?"
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  • Toby gets kidnapped by the White Witch and the Dwarf. Afterwards Martyn's response is basically "the tiniest smidgen of a part of me may have missed to Toby a little bit." Nobody believes it was just a little, though, because he spends the first five minutes of the video sounding like he's panicking.
  • Kiki and Pascal, the Egyptian Mau kittens. Video here also featuring the happiest Kaeyi of them all.
  • Martyn uses the Oculus Rift to enter the world of Totoro. His reaction throughout the entire thing is the most adorable thing ever.
  • After Martyn posted a vlog about his being a bit depressed, hundreds of people, including fellow Yogscast member Zoey, sent him messages of support straight away.
  • After confessing to being depressed, the Dream Team Stream rolled around, with Strippin and Sparkles* appearing alongside him. The three of them just started bantering and enjoying each other's company like there was no tomorrow.
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  • Despite him and Kaeyi breaking up, they are still friends.
  • Martyn let Sparkles* move into his house, where he really enjoys playing with Kiki and Pascal.
  • When Martyn found out one of his moderators had been arrested for indecent images, his fans rallied to comfort him, especially since he was really torn up.


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