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  • In Hat Chat Episode 10, during the funny news section Trottimus brings up an article about a town who had an emergency protocol should Santa's sleigh crash there. Instead of laughter, Ross replies with calm interest asking how the plan went and remarking on its importance before, smoothly, adding in "and I'd just like to point out to you that children might listen to this, and might be the idea of Santa crashing." This literally changes Trottimus's joke mid-sentence from being how absurd the whole premise of the article was to being about how unlikely it was Santa would crash in just that one specific town, and how all towns should probably have an emergency protocol like this.
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  • When Hat Films were announced as the newest members of the Yogscast, live on stage, they were greeted with enthusiastic cheers and applause. You can't possibly have a nicer welcome than that.
  • While the Sirs do constantly take the mick out of each other, their various vlogs, such as birthday and Christmas vlogs, remind us that they are the best of friends. Even if they have an odd way of showing it.
  • Episode 52 of Trials has Trott debunking the fan theory that he's gay. This is followed by Smith and Ross admitting they've considered this theory as well, adding in that they'd be fine with it if he was.
  • When their fans started getting angry at Turpster for changing the formula of Grand Theft Auto V, the Sirs chose to calmly, but firmly, remind them that formulaic does not equal good, and that Turps is a good friend of theirs.
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  • Even though Ashman has long since left the crew, the others still have fond memories of him and take time to visit him every once in a while.
  • After their war with Kim Richards and Duncan Jones, Hat Corp ends with the trio relaxing in their new, secret base, drinking milk and looking over the snowy countryside.
  • Trott is now an uncle.
  • Smiffy has adopted a pair of geckos. The photos that he tweets of them are superbly adorable.
  • After some fans thought that their discussion in Week 12 of Cornerstone was a bit upsetting, particularly for Trott, fans took to reddit to tell Trott how much they appreciate him. As it turns out, they may have misinterpreted, but Trott thanked them all the same.
  • Their rant in Cornerstone, in which they call Katie Hopkins out for stigmatising the mentally ill. You can tell they were sincere about not trying to mock said demographic and genuinely outraged.
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  • Most of the time that the trio play with Strippin and Benji, they're mock-bullying one another and being a pain in the arse. So it's kind of sweet to see them team up to put their differences aside and prank Kim and Rythian.
  • Ross genuinely loves his pet dogs, and can be seen playing with some during the behind the scenes for "Sad for Good".
  • Ross thanking the staff in Yogtowers who largely haven't been recognised for helping to keep the main Yogscast channel afloat.
  • In Hat Chat episode 23, during the Funny News section, Smith has a story about a man who accidentally sets fire to a bunch of apartments while he was attempting to cook a squirrel via propane torch. Trott and Ross's genuine horror and concern for the squirrel (after learning that none of the people affected were hurt) is out of character, but touching because of it.
    • Also, in the same episode, Trott's story about a dog being the only certified police official left in a town in New Mexico leads to the Sirs joking about the dog carrying a gun. Ross's initial alarmed reaction (before they get into discussing the possibility of mounting a turret on the dog's back) shows again his soft spot for dogs.
    Ross: Oh...god... You can't give a dog a gun...
  • The Sirs, during a stream, give some heartfelt advice for a Hatter that isn't feeling up for going back to college/university.
  • The USA Vlogs in general - while there's the normal snark and name-calling, it really does show that they're three good friends, on holiday together, having a great time.
    • In the second of the vlogs, titled "Beach Bums", Trott falls off a segway after getting too confident for his own good, tumbling slightly. While Smith and Ross are amused and do a Grand Theft Auto V-style "Wasted" gag, they are also quite concerned and make sure that he'll be alright. You can hear a concerned passer-by asking him if he's OK too, which is also very sweet.
    • In the third, "Star Wars", the trio spend time messing around with Kim Richards and Hannah Rutherford in between shooting their video project. It is genuinely sweet.
    • In the vlog about Disneyland, Smith refers to the other two as "family", which is oddly touching.
    • From the same video, Smith buying a Frozen balloon for Strippin, just because he knew Strippin would like it. After the initial sarcasm and Strippin jokingly calling him a wanker, the two hug.
    • The final video of the series, in which the trio recap on the events of their holiday. The video ends with them getting ready to go on the plane home, and with this displaying over a black screen.
    The end. Thank you for watching.
  • In a Cities: Skylines stream, we finally found out why Ross is called "djh3max". It turns out that the "3" is about him and his two other brothers, while "Max" was the name of his dog at the time.
  • After Cinnamon Toast Ken tweeted that he'd not needed his medication for anxiety for over a month, Trott was one of the first to tweet him his best wishes.
  • Chilling with Kim Richards in Thailand.
  • Trott's birthday tweet for Kim, which in no way or form mocks her for her age. Doubles as funny.
    Kim: I should've pushed you into the catfish lake when I had a chance. THANK YOU, LOVE YOU, TROUT.
  • The Farming Simulator videos, in contrast to the more manic Rust series, are quite relaxed with the trio just having fun and enjoying one another's company.

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