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Heartwarming / The Great Alicorn Hunt

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  • Celestia's and Luna's reasons for planning to bring immortality to the entire pony race? Two, and they're both equally heartwarming.
    • First reason: They are tired of outliving their loved ones, so by bringing immortality to everyone, they won't have to go through it again. And neither do their loved ones.
    • Second reason: They see immortality as a gift; they feel it's unfair for only a select few to be immortal but others have to fade away with age. They aren't selfish with their blessings, and the story really shows it.
  • Pinkie's family sent her away because of her being jinxed or Ill-Starred and they feared how she would be treated by their neighbors. They initially weren't going to come to her coronation because they thought if someone found out she was related to a "bunch of dusty old rock farmers", they would use it against her, especially if that family had a history of being jinxed. We see Rarity making a point of ensuring they come along and it is bluntly implied that the other four did as well.
    "I don't care if you're a bunch of dusty old rock farmers. You're MY dusty old rock farmers, and if anypony doesn't like that they can bite my plot!"
  • Cadence's reaction to Shining Armor's Alicornification. She had resigned herself to a Mayfly–December Romance and suddenly that was no longer a problem; her 'Shiny' will be with her forever. After she gets over the initial hilarity of her husband's temporary appearance, there is much nuzzling and kissing and lessons in wing preening.
    • Twilight came up with the idea of ascending Shining Armor. It's nice to see that after getting the gift of becoming immortal, she still cares about her brother. Giving Cadance the joy of being forever with her husband was just icing on the cake.
    • Celestia revealing her similar relief and joy resulting from Twilight's ascension. She said as if "heaven has granted me a reprieve".
  • Chapter 18 reveals that Sunset Shimmer was caught attempting to steal an Element of Harmony, as she did in Equestria Girls. Celestia then apologizes to her former student, reveals the plan for the Panacea, and ascends Sunset. The former villainess is moved to tears.
    • And what's the very first thing she do? Go back to human world and undo the mess she made of the Canterlot High. And after a week of shouting, drama, and at least one catfight, she succeeds.
  • All the Princesses of Equestria pooling their resources to find a cure for a dozen or so sick foals (after having just met one).
  • Rarity revealing to Mud Puppy and her grandmother that Mud Puppy is not deformed, but is actually a natural born Alicorn, who Rarity publicly declares a Princess. She is delighted to deliver "the best news she's ever given anyone" and Mammawa is quietly beaming for the rest of the arc.
    • When Mud Puppy is understandably freaked out by the sudden 180 in her life, Twig, her best friend, is there to reassure and support her. Then the Radiant Guard find an excuse for him to accompany her to Canterlot so he can continue to do so.
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  • Everything about the birth of Tater Salad and Pecan Praline's three foals. Rarity and her guards Squeeing in joy (which may or may not have included Dapper Blue). The foals being named after the guards who saved them and their parents. Rarity buying them a large amount of gifts (and overriding the parents' objections by saying it's an old princess tradition... which she may or may not have invented on the spot).
  • In the denouement of the Neigh Orleans arc, Southern Comfort recognzies Mammaw as a fellow medical expert and plans to send many of his students, resident doctors, etc. to the swamp so they can study under her and fill any gaps in their knowledge. Rarity says that he's also spending a lot of time with her himself, hinting at a December–December Romance.
  • After the hunt is well underway, Celestia addresses Twilight as "my most faithful former student". Twilight rolls her eyes but also smiles. It's a small moment but it shows how their relationship has developed; they are peers now but their time as student-teacher is a fond memory.
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  • The entire crew and guard complement of Twilight's airship stepping up to donate blood when Flash Sentry finds out that the hospital they're visiting is running low.
  • Trixie and Jasper's relationship, especially considering the backstory in the fanfic it originated from.
  • In chapter 30, the Mane Six's reaction to the newest Alicorn Princess.
    "He [Jasper] had no way of knowing it, but at that moment he gained a circle of adoring foster aunts, and heaven help any bully, brute or bigot who tried to lay a hoof on him."
  • In Chapter 37, Apple Bloom comes across a pony who has invented the fountain pen. She's impressed and calls up Twilight who is so thoroughly impressed that she buys a thousand of them and a lifetime's worth of ink refill and replacement nibs and gives his product a royal seal of approval, basically setting the guy up for life. He's utterly delighted.
    • Meta example: Gred and Forge Weasel are ponified versions of Fred and George Weasley. RC said he deliberately re-purposed them to make up for the raw deal they got in their canon series ( Fred was killed and George lost an ear); many fans were delighted to see counterparts to Fred and George who were living long and happy lives.
  • After facing off against Malfunziona, Apple Bloom blacks out. What's her first concern upon regaining consciousness? Is everyone else okay and has he been stopped so he can't do any more harm.
    • When it's revealed Apple Bloom has ascended, there's only mild teasing over her noticing her Cutie Mark before her new wings and horn and overall there's a general sense of delight at her accomplishment.
    • And even better? Despite RC having kicked "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" to the curb, the original three CMC still got their Cutie Marks at the same time. And ASCENDED in the same go!
    • The fact that Babs is apparently not even slightly upset about getting thoroughly upstaged right after getting her Cutie Mark and is instead delighted and declares it a double Cuteceañera plus an "Acesendceañera".
  • When Mud Puppy is worried that Sweetie Belle (sister to the Princess of Generosity) is jealous of Mud Puppy's position, Sweetie Belle reassures her that she isn't and helps Mudpuppy get over her jitters in time for the Maredi Gras parade.
  • Cotton Mouth completes a Heel–Face Turn in his dying moments, telling Luna where to find his notes on the Vitality Elixir and begging her to use them for good.
  • After the whole mess with her getting kidnapped by Cotton Mouth and all that ensues, Mudpuppy is asked by her grandmother if she wants to come back to the swamp. She thinks briefly and then says no. Because Rarity and Sweetie Belle need looking after and she's bound and determined to do just that.
  • After the misunderstanding with the Wonderbolts was cleared up, they've all been participating in helping Scootaloo learn to fly. Then one member of Rainbow Dash's staff buys a folding glider and mounts it on her scooter, giving her a way to get airborne. She instantly forgives the Wonderbolts for all their slights against Rainbow.
  • The Nobody's Fools when Scootaloo meets them. A Ragtag Bunch of Misfits that basically says "Who you are or what you're good at doesn't matter. What matters is you're our friend or at least want to be."
  • Chapter 46 is chock full of good-for-the-soul moments.
    • Ajax and Rainbow bonding while watching the Wonderbolts prep.
    • Dash and Velvet Slipper both praising Scootaloo's aerial ballet skills warmly and Dash assuring Scootaloo that she's still awesome even if she decides to do girly things.
    • Scootaloo's loyalty to the Nobody's Fools and their implied-through-Rainbow's-"loyalty sight" loyalty in return. Rainbow can see that the loyalty is both ways and is clear and true; she trusts Scootaloo, already unfailingly devoted to her, to make good judgments.
  • The majority of the Nobody's Fools' parents (aside from Bananas Foster's family) putting their full support behind their children after they get arrested by the City Watch. It's clear that even if their parents don't fully understand their kids' talents, likes or company (such as Crackerjack's father Jackhammer not quite getting his unicorn son's penchant for physical fighting), they're all behind them 110%.
    • Bonus points for Jackhammer suggesting that they look into finding a dojo for Crackerjack - such as the one said to be run by a minotaur. Crackerjack is elated.
  • It's revealed that Rainbow had been consulting a medic on Scootaloo's flightless condition, and while he can't help Scoot directly because of the hospital's policies, he still recommends her some good specialists that might be able to assist her, despite going against the hospital's policies as well.
  • Scootaloo is contrite to Mach One for betraying them and getting the Fools arrested, but Mach One is just as contrite to Scootaloo for dragging a Princess's foster sister down into the muck with them. Given how Rainbow Dash is, Scootaloo finds it incredibly funny.
    • Any doubts she has about their attitude toward her are wiped away when Presto sends up a skywriting message with fireworks just before she starts her dance routine in the airshow. The message: "GO ROOKIE."
  • While Mach's Great Granny Doppler is a total Crazy Cat Lady, it's obvious he's very fond of her and grateful to her and it's also clear that she did a fine job of raising him.
  • Upon seeing Soft Touch's reaction to finding all of the plush dolls he made destroyed by the Watch in a search for nonexistent contraband, his father quietly picks up a spare needle and thread and helps repair them.
  • Foster's normally quiet grandfather standing up for him to his less supportive family members, telling him to follow his dreams and be the best comedian he can be.
    Banana Supreme: You go on, Grandson. You be the best dang comedian the Banana family ever had. You found yourself; far as I'm concerned that tuition was money well spent.
  • Presto's unicorn parents getting an appreciation of just how creative and innovative their Earth pony son's magical dabblings have been.
  • Rainbow Dash, Mach One, and the Nobody's Fools all cheering Scootaloo on when she's performing at the Thunderdome. It's especially touching when coming from the Fools, as Scootaloo had been worrying that they wouldn't want to be her friends anymore after she accidentally got them arrested.
  • Mach One has serious reservations about the mass ascension plan, but Rainbow Dash counters by saying that it doesn't matter — whatever happens, she and the others are going to go through with it, because it's the right thing to do.
    • Mach himself eventually comes around, as he thinks about all the good he could do for other handicapped ponies like his friends if he ascends. Which he later does, gaining a phantom magical wing to replace the one he lost as a foal.
  • During the chaos caused by the bombs, Mach rallies the Nobody's Fools by reminding them that they're supposed to be protecting those who can't protect themselves. Among the efforts include Softy soothing some frightened foals.
    Nobody's Fools: "NOBODY'S FOOLS!"
    Nobody's Fools: "NOBODY FALLS!"
  • Dash is unsure about being able to use her magic to ascend ponies (and has doubts about her ability to use magic anyway). What gets her to try? Scootaloo and Mach in freefall after Mach dives after a falling Scootaloo.
    • And during the above freefall, Scootaloo and Mach are more concerned with the other pony's safety than their own. When Scootaloo gets hit by Dash's spell, her desire to save Mach is what ascends her (so much so that she literally breaks out of the ethereal plane because she doesn't want to wait a second longer than she has to to help him) and the first spell she ever casts is Starswirl's, with the sole purpose of saving her friend.
  • Scootaloo waking up and realizing that not only did she ascend, and not only did she earn her cutie mark, but she can finally fly. She ends up crying with joy while hugging Rainbow Dash, and everypony is driven to tears, including Harshwhinny.
  • Rainbow revoking permanently the Good Health For Your Own Good act that limits the size of orders of burgers, fries and soda, as well as limiting their sales. The entire burger joint was practically cheering because of this, and within a week she gets 100% Adoration Rating in Windy City (or, in normal terms, became their favorite Princess.)
  • The original three Crusaders' discovery that all of them have ascended AND earned their cutie marks, Babs has earned her mark, and Scootaloo can fly.
  • Sweetie Belle teaching Flute how to extend his sound spell to make an artificial voice for himself. Right away, Apple Bloom starts thinking of a way to incorporate it into a device that would give other mute ponies the power of speech.
    • It's also touching that despite only having just met her and being confused by what she's telling him, Flute, due to his loyalty to and trust of Scootaloo, follows her instructions since he knows that no one Scootaloo/Rookie trusts would ever hurt him.
  • A throwaway line from Twilight in Chapter 51: Sunburst returned to save his childhood friend Starlight Glimmer from her own cult after she was overthrown and imprisoned by her lieutenant in this continuity. Not only was she saved, redeemed and forgiven by Sunburst, but she joined him as his lab assistant and as his Fiancé: both of them living together happily in the Crystal Empire by the time the Mane Six learned about these events. Earn Your Happy Ending indeed!
  • Big Mac and Granny Smith's pride at the CMC's ascension and Granny's declaration that the CMC were always princesses in her book.
  • In Chapter 56, Mach offers himself up as a test subject so that cures for the handicapped can be found. He personally doesn't need said cures because he's regenerating just fine but he will see those cures made and used.
  • In Chapter 57, Mach brings his great-grandmother to happy tears when he comes home from the Thunderdome disaster in one piece and reveals himself as an alicorn. He springs a second welcome surprise on the rest of the Nobody's Fools by arranging some much-needed upgrades for their old hideout - which, as it turns out, is in the basement of the university tower that's been converted into a residence for him. Mach knows that he and his friends will eventually go their separate ways, but the next group of Fools to rise will have a secure place to hang out and carry on the traditions.

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