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Fiona: "I want what every princess wants: to live happily ever after... with the ogre I married."
  • The movie opens with the song "Accidentally in love". This song suits Shrek and Fiona's relationship perfectly. They are two people who never intended to fall in love with each other but true love found them anyways.
  • Shrek and Fiona are happy to skip out on the Happily Ever After potion and remain ogres, but Donkey doesn't have a choice and doesn't get to stay a stallion. Noticing how disappointed Donkey is once he's changed back, Shrek turns to him and says: "Hey, you still look like a noble steed to me."
    • The heartwarming of this moment is Turned Up to Eleven once you realise it's a Call-Back to a moment earlier in the movie when Puss threw a Stealth Insult at Donkey by saying he "still looks like an ass to [Puss]" after drinking the potion.
  • Despite his strong opposition to Fiona's marriage to Shrek, Harold starts to let go of this when he sees how genuine Fiona's feelings are for Shrek. He sees how unhappy Fiona is with Charming and tries to talk Charming and the Fairy Godmother out of it, not concerned with what will happen to him. After Fairy Godmother orders him to give Fiona a potion to make her fall in love with Prince Charming, he refuses albeit understandably afraid for his life. This shows that Harold really does love his daughter and doesn't want to force her into anything that she doesn't want to be in. You can tell by the look on his face after he decides at the last second not to give Fiona the tainted cup of tea that he knows this will cost him greatly.
  • The Fairy Godmother orders Harold to slip Fiona a love potion so that she'll fall in love with her son, Prince Charming. The King prepares a tray with some tea, placing the potion in Fiona's cup before going to have a talk with her. He sees from their conversation how much Fiona hates Prince Charming and he feels guilty. When she reaches for one of the cups on the tray, he hastily tells her that it's his and gives her the other cup. At the party, when Charming kisses Fiona, she headbutts him unconscious.
    Fairy Godmother: (outraged) Harold! You were supposed to give her the potion!
    Harold: Well, I guess I gave her the wrong tea.
    • The conversation that Fiona and Harold had during the scene where he was going to give Fiona the tea. Fiona had dreamed her whole childhood for a Prince Charming. But her true love ended up being an ogre, the antithesis of that. But letting go of her childhood fantasies does not bother her in the slightest and she has completely moved passed them. Even when she is given a chance with Prince Charming, she would rather have Shrek, ogre Shrek.
    Fiona: But it's the old one I fell in love with dad. I'd give anything to have him back.
    • Even her father is impacted by this statement, deciding last minute not to give her the love potion after he learns how sincere her feelings are. He realizes that what he’s hearing isn’t anything from a potion or any form of magic but her own natural feelings and he is legitimately moved by this.
  • The fact that Shrek is willing to give up being an ogre and later let Fiona move on with Charming because he loves her so much and wants her to be happy. It reveals a lot about Shrek as a character, in that he truly cares for Fiona as a person and not just as a love interest, and is a truly good-hearted guy underneath that grumpy exterior.
    • What makes him change his mind is not his own feelings, it's the fact that they were going to force Fiona to fall in love by drugging her with a love potion. This breach of her free will is what moves him into action.
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  • The reason behind this movie's awesome climax. Shrek has a giant gingerbread man baked and storms the castle for Fiona. Not so she will be with him, but so her freedom of choice will not be compromised by the love potion.
  • Even though Fiona would rather have them stay as ogres, she is legitimately touched by how much he was willing to do for her.
  • Donkey and Puss putting aside their differences in time to help stop the Fairy Godmother.
    Puss-in-Boots: -and Donkey!
  • When the clock strikes midnight, Shrek asks Fiona if she would like them to stay in their human forms. Her response...
    Fiona: You'd do that? For me?
    Shrek: Yes.
    Fiona: I want what every princess wants. To live happily ever after...
    (Shrek smiles and leans in to kiss her to seal the spell, but Fiona stops him)
    Fiona: ...with the ogre I married.
    • This is especially heartwarming because after spending the whole movie insecure of Fiona's love for him (as well as parts of the previous movie) Shrek is finally feeling secure in their relationship, knowing Fiona loves him for who he is and nothing changes that.
  • After Harold turns into a frog and apologizes for his behavior
    Harold: I only wanted what was best for Fiona. But I can see now, she already has it.
  • King Harold apologizing to Shrek and giving him his blessing.
    Harold: I'm sorry, Lillian. I just wish I could be the man you deserve.
    Lillian: You're more that man today than you ever were, warts and all.
    • Before this line, Harold, ashamed that he has been reduced to his true form (a frog) attempts to leave but Lillian then catches him, showing that she loves him no matter what and is proud of him for finally accepting their daughter's marriage to Shrek.
  • When Shrek is about to drink the Happily Ever After potion, Donkey tries to stop him from doing something he'll regret.
    Donkey: Shrek! You drink that, there's no goin' back.
    Shrek: I know.
    Donkey: But... no more wallowin' in the mud?
    Shrek: I know.
    Donkey: No more itchy butt crack?
    Shrek: I know.
    Donkey: But you love bein' an ogre!
    Shrek: I KNOW! ...But I love Fiona more. {chug}
    • Also, the fact that Donkey was willing to test the potion despite not knowing the consequences. It is true he was partially doing it to show up Puss, but it does show his loyalty and concern for Shrek, even possibly risking his own life.
    • There's a similar moment from Fiona when she says she will go find Shrek (in the pouring rain outside) and they'll go back to the swamp together, standing by him despite her parents' disapproval.
  • During the credits, we see a dedication to the book's author William Steig, adorned with a drawing of Shrek and Donkey looking at the moon from the first movie.
  • Shrek and Donkey have a moment when taking shelter in an old mill during a rainstorm. Shrek, saddened, thinks the Happily Ever After Potion didn't work and looks down at Donkey, who simply smiles at him. Shrek reaches out and strokes Donkey's head with a half smile.
  • During Shrek and Fiona's honeymoon montage, we get a beautiful The Lord of the Rings Shout-Out when a group of dwarves make a ring for Shrek and Fiona. It gets tossed into the air and Fiona catches it on her finger. What do the words inscribed on it say? "I love you".
  • There was also Lillian being rather accepting of Fiona's marriage to Shrek because all she wants is for Fiona to be happy. She still goes on with the plans for the wedding ball and doesn't try to stop anything, even bringing up the subject of grandchildren.
    • It starts from her first scene. After being shocked, Lillian immediately attempts to accept the situation, convincing Harold to not run away and to meet them. If you watch the part where Fiona hugs her parents, Lillian is the only one who returns the hug.
      • On the subject of Lillian, we could use basically all of her moments as an example. After their arrival, Fiona's dad is complaining about what happened and Lillian is just reading in bed, clearly not caring for the fact that her daughter is an ogress if it means she is happy. When it seems that Shrek changed into a human, she asks if her husband knows anything about this in a way that screams "Mama Bear".
  • Still about Lillian: When Fiona says she is leaving, back to the swamp, Lillian gives a brief (but powerful) glare to Harold. Remember, she did warn him that she didn't want to lose Fiona again. Later, when Fiona and Charming are going to the ball and all kingdom is applauding them, Lillian seems uncomfortable and clapping with nearly zero enthusiasm. She knows there is something wrong and Fiona is not happy like she was when she arrived but has no idea of what to do. This woman deserves an award of being one of the best mothers in animation ever!
  • When beautiful women offer themselves to Shrek after he's turned into a handsome human thanks to the Happily Ever After potion, he doesn't give into them and tells them he already has a true love, remaining faithful to Fiona.
  • And just think how happy Fiona was to be reunited with Shrek after headbutting Charming. After spending the day with an imposter pretending to be a changed Shrek and despairing over the fact the man she loved would never return to her, she's so relieved he is still the same and she is with him again.
  • After Charming plants a Forceful Kiss on Fiona and Shrek thinks he's lost Fiona forever, she proceeds to headbutt Charming and reunite with Shrek, showing him that not only does she not love Charming, she is still in love with Shrek. After all his insecurities about their relationship, it is very sweet to see Shrek be absolutely certain that Fiona loves him.
  • The relationship between Shrek and Fiona in general. They actually do have very strong chemistry and are concerned with doing things for each other for no other reason except that they love each other. Shrek is willing to change himself completely to make Fiona happy and is even willing to give her up if that's what will make her happy.
  • Fiona being completely confident that her parents will love Shrek because of her own feelings. She loves Shrek so much, it doesn't occur to her that her parents might not. She turns out to be very wrong at first but it was sweet.
    • When they step out of the carriage, Fiona has a warm smile on her face, very happy to introduce her parents and her kingdom to Shrek. It shows she finally feels secure with herself and ready to face others about it. Especially after the previous film with her sadly telling Donkey how ashamed she was about being an ogre.
      • Even though the scene where they reveal themselves to Far Far Away and Fiona's parents are uncomfortable and Fiona quickly realizes this wasn't going to be as smooth as she thought, she isn't at all ashamed of Shrek or herself being an ogre and very warmly hugs her parents and proudly introduces Shrek as her husband.
  • An easily overlooked one, but how Shrek's Fairytale friends came to his rescue the second they find out he was arrested.
  • After the Happily Ever After potion wears off, Shrek and Fiona share a very beautiful embrace. After this, Fiona and Shrek cement their love to her parents and the kingdom with a passionate kiss.
    • The shifting attitudes of the kingdom and her parents are clearly demonstrated here. In the beginning, they were shocked and angered by this. In the ending scene, the people of Far Far Away clap and cheer while her parents share a sweet nuzzle.
  • In the post-credits scene, we see Shrek and Fiona dancing while locked in a loving embrace.
  • In the post-credits, Dragon returns to tell Donkey about their children. At first, Donkey is shocked to see how many, but as soon as they all hug him, he laughs in joy, proudly proclaiming "Look at our mutant little babies". Also funny, yet heartwarming, is his comment of finding a job to support them.
    • Not to mention how immediately happy his kids are at seeing him, immediately calling him dad. A Very happy family indeed.
    • Both Shrek and Fiona, while a tinge awkward, are clearly happy for them and their family as well.

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