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Tear Jerker / Shrek 2

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  • Shrek's Despair Event Horizon. He's left skulling shots of milk in the Poison Apple, and lamenting why he even saved Fiona in the first place, alongside Donkey and Puss. It's the lowest we've seen Shrek get, and it is depressing.
    Shrek: Look guys, it's for the best. Mom and Dad approve and Fiona gets the man she's always dreamed of. Everybody wins.
    Donkey: Except for you. I don't get it, Shrek, you love Fiona.
  • The scene where Shrek sees Fiona with Charming. He's desperately crying out to her, trying to get her attention, all in vain. His desperation is so heartbreaking. Then Fairy Godmother convincing him that him and Fiona can never be and he's only ruining her life by preventing her from being with "the man of her dreams". When Shrek says this line, he looks on the brink of tears.
    Shrek: But, I love her...
    Fairy Godmother: If you really love her, you'll let her go.
  • The scene at the ball after Charming kisses Fiona. Shrek knows about the potion and believes she took it so he has to deal with all that he went through in the climax being for nothing and him finally losing the love of his life forever.
    • Just think, if Harold hadn't already felt bad about the situation and had that pang of consciousness at the last second, he really would have lost her.
  • At the climax, where Shrek and his allies all raid the castle. Mostly, it's just full of the crowner moments for nearly every character but it's the giant Gingerbread Man, Mongo, that gets the tearducts flowing during this scene. His "be good" line was especially tearjerker-worthy...
    • Both Gingerbread Man and Shrek were both shaken by Mongo's demise. Shrek, while it could be because he tried stopping Gingy from jumping, was already friendly with Mongo and was obviously saddened but more focused on the advantage he had getting through the drawbridge. Gingy, on the other hand, was bawling his eyes out over seeing something he helped create die in front of him, had it not been for Puss grabbing onto him at the last moment, he was willing to die along with him, even begging to get back to Mongo.
  • Shrek when he reads Fiona's childhood diary. Shrek is already unable to sleep because he's worried about his relationship with Fiona if he is not good enough for her. His fears are seemingly confirmed when he finds her diary, speaking repeatedly of her dream to be "Mrs. Fiona Charming".
    • Later, while she was looking for Shrek (who was tricked by Harold into meeting him in the forest), noticed her diary was outside her drawer. She likely guessed correctly that Shrek found it and must have felt guilty making Shrek think she prefers a human prince.
  • It is subtly implied that the Fairy Godmother was once the all-loving well-meaning granter of wishes and happiness that she is marketed to be. But many years of popularity and power along with the commercialization and mass production of her "product" have changed her into a remorseless manipulator.
    • Honestly, Charming's life in general. It's true he was a selfish mama's boy but he was just as used as everyone else. She didn't care about him becoming king for his own benefit, she wanted to become all powerful herself.
      • One example of this is after Fiona headbutts Charming and knocks him unconscious. Does she go to see if her son is alright? Nope! She goes to yell at Harold for not giving Fiona the love potion.
  • The Fairy Godmother's lore is that shed tears can summon her (as brought up in the movie as well with her cards) and she grants a wish true to your hearts' desire. When the wand hits the Fairy Godmother with a magic/wish reversal spell, it dispels her into a shower of tears...just what was she?!
  • Fiona goes to see her parents with Shrek, hoping they will get along. But her parents have a lot of animosity due to the fact that she has become an ogre and married an ogre. She eventually decides to give up and return to the swamp, devastated that her parents never even gave Shrek a chance. She faints due to the effects of the potion Shrek drank but before that, she was going to cut her parents out of her life and go back home with Shrek.
    • The way she says it also is quite sad, she sounds so defeated. You can really feel for her. All she wants is a happy family and she was so hopeful at the beginning of the film, despite Shrek's correct prediction that her parents would be hostile. She was mad at Shrek for not getting along with her father but she clearly knew that it wasn't all his fault. She deeply loves both her parents and Shrek but she realizes her love is not shared, simply for the fact that Shrek is an ogre and that she is an ogre herself, something that doesn't bother her in the slightest but her parents' prejudice is too much for her.
    • It's rather gutwrenching to hear Lillian cry out "Fiona, please!"
      • Considering the score that plays during this scene is called "Not meant to be". It perfectly captures Fiona's feelings of how her dream of a happy family will never come to pass and she decides to take the side of the man she loves.
      • When her parents put her to bed, Harold stays by her longer than Lillian. He was too busy trying to fulfill his promise to the Fairy Godmother that he didn't consider the feelings of his daughter. Especially considering how he thinks Shrek is dead because he put a hit on him. He clearly is extremely remorseful. The next day, when Charming is pretending to be Shrek, he isn't at all satisfied with fulfilling his promise to the Fairy Godmother and is upset when he sees Fiona isn't at all warming up to Charming. This is what prompts Harold's Heel–Face Turn.
    • Then after Fiona's met Charming posing as Shrek, she has to deal with her beloved husband being a completely different man without understanding how or why or whether she can change him back. From Fiona's position, the man she loved has gone forever and she's married to a stranger.
    Fiona: (to her father) There's just one problem. That's not my husband. I mean, look at him. (gestures to Charming waving at the adoring crowd)
    • Harold despairs because he has not only been lying to his daughter the whole time, but he's also been pushing her into a life he planned for her, finally realizing that isn't what she wants. When he decides to not go through with the plan, you can tell by the look on his face he knows what's coming. Turns out, he's completely right to be afraid.
  • When Puss begs for Shrek and Donkey to spare his life after he attacks Shrek, he reveals he was paid by the king to kill Shrek. Shrek is devastated to hear this. Harold manipulated Shrek into thinking he wanted them to have a good father-son relationship, saying how much it would mean to Fiona, using Shrek's insecurities against him. But it was all a plot to kill Shrek.

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