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  • An early episode has a bit of Fridge Heartwarming. The Rangers summon the Megazord in order to save a little girl from being dropped to her doom by the Monster of the Week. Said monster is still human sized, mind you. One of Zordon's rules is that you can't escalate a fight unless Rita forces you to. Saving a little girl is equally important to the Rangers as stopping a monster from destroying the city.
  • The end of "I'm Dreaming of a White Ranger", in which Rito has a surprise for Goldar.
    Goldar: So, what are ya hiding?
    Rito: Well, in keeping with the holiday spirit, I want you to have this. (hands Goldar a present)
    Goldar: Uh, you mean this is for me?
    Rito: Goldar, happy holidays, ya big lug!
    • In the original VHS version, before heading for the North Pole, the Rangers receive a message from Kat, who is visiting her family in Australia for the holidays.
    • The little girl's father actually being able to see her during the children's performance.
      • This comes soon after she asked Bulk (who was being Santa Claus for the party) if he could make it so her father could be there. When she thanks him he's genuinely touched.
    • Right at the end the cast break character as they address the audience and wish us all a merry Christmas.
  • In "The Wedding," Rita uses a Love Potion on Zedd. Goldar can't believe that Zedd would actually fall for Rita and eventually, in "The Potion Notion" learns about it. He hits Zedd with a counter-potion... that has absolutely no effect on Zedd. Turns out, old Ed really loves her. It probably helps that Zedd had realized by that time that he was having as much trouble getting rid of the Rangers as Rita had in season 1, and thus really had no justification in banishing her back to the dumpster in the first place.
    • Also, Rita originally gave Zedd the potion to eventually overthrow him. But somewhere along the line, up into that point, she comes to truly love him.
    • It's also implied that Zedd may have subconsciously had feelings for Rita long before the two got married since in the episode "Beauty and the Beast", after having Goldar kidnap Kimberly, he tries to turn her into his bride. So who does Kimberly end up resembling during the attempted brainwashing? Rita. Meaning that Rita is Zedd's ideal girl.
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    • Finally it's implied that, while they may both be unabashedly evil people the love that the two have for each other is genuine and one of their few redeeming qualities as Rita and Zeed are two of the few villains who were purified due to the Zordon's energy wave at the end of In Space.
  • In "The Spit Flower", Tommy rebuilding the float design for Kimberly, after it was destroyed by a group of Putties can be seen as really sweet.
  • Tommy and Kimberly's first kiss always makes this troper squee every time. It’s just so pure and sweet.
  • Tommy's letter to the team (and Jason, particularly) in "Missing Green". He misses the other Rangers. He tells Jason it's not his fault for losing Tommy's power and doesn't blame him for it; he never had. Jason was able to finally get over his guilt, and when he wins the tournament, he holds the trophy up and shouts "This is for you, Tommy!"
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  • In "Ninja Quest," Bulk and Skull graduate from the Junior Police Academy. Seeing the Power Rangers and Ernie attend the ceremony to applaud them for all their hard work definitely gave this troper some warm fuzzy feelings.
  • Doubles as a Moment of Awesome. After disposing of Nimrod in "White Light Part II." The Red Dragon Thunderzord walks across the field and grasps the hand of the Mega Tigerzord and gives him a thumbs up and they nod before striking a pose. While they often do this in later episodes as well, on this one its as if the Rangers are telling Tommy 'welcome back' and Tommy saying 'it's good to be back'.
  • A Meta one - at C2E2 2013, Jason David Frank appeared for a panel & fan Q&A. Amongst the questions asked were if he would return for the 20th Anniversary season to which he asserted that he'd do it for $1, but nothing could top his answer to the first question: if he had ever felt ashamed over his ties to the show.
    "Visiting kids in the hospital who has a dying wish to see you? No way, man. To experience that – forget cameras, fame, forget all that. I’ve never been ashamed of it. For 20 years I’ve been promoting it and I’m still doing it. It’s part of who I am.”
  • In "Potion Notion", the monster of the day has been putting people under love spells using the same potion Rita used on Zedd, Kimberly gets hit with it and falls in love with Skull asking Skull to the dance and swooning over him, Skull of course has had a crush on Kimberly since day 1. Of course an antidote is released before the dance and Kimberly ditches Skull. The crowning moment of heartwarming comes at the end of the episode where at the dance Kimberly sees how bad she hurt Skull who is sitting at a table by himself, and goes up to ask him to dance. And considering how much the show treated Skull like a buffoon and a joke character it was nice to see them treat him as an actual person with feelings.
    • In fact, that was the moment that B&S stopped being down right antagonistic towards the Rangers. They still bantered back and forth, but from Potion Notion on you could sense it was more friendly banter than hateful.
    • It's even more Heartwarming if you believe the theory that Kimberly is Spike's mother.
  • In "The Ninja Encounter, Part 1", Bulk and Skull try to save the runaway baby, only for Kimberly and Aisha to beat them to it. Though they do get to babysit when Jacob's dad was kidnapped by Goldar.
  • The ending of "Doomsday, Part 2". The people cheer for the Power Rangers saving them once again. The music and the fact that it was intended to be the Grand Finale helps.
    • Tommy was there cheering for them as well, and the Rangers were happy to see him.
  • There's something very sweet about the fact that the Rangers become genuinely fond of Bulk and Skull over time and even trust them to do the right/responsible thing when it comes down to it.
  • Zordon's unflinching faith in the teens under his command is this on general principle.
  • In "The Power Transfer, Part 2", even though Austin St. John, Thuy Trang and Walter Jones had walked off set and the Power Transfer was essential, after a formidable encounter with Serpentera, Trini briefly felt that they couldn't leave for the Peace Conference.
  • Hearing Zordon in their heads after Jason destroyed the Crystal of Nightmares seems like this:
    "Power Rangers, you destroyed the Crystal of Nightmares and broken Rita's spell. You've regained your self-confidence. May the power protect you."
  • Upon learning that Alpha and Zordon were creating a new Ranger, the five veterans were somewhat disappointed that Tommy might be replaced, but Jason and Billy knew that with a more formidable villain to face, they needed this new Ranger regardless of whomever it was.
  • The Aquatian Rangers get one by their mere presence: the Earth's environment is completely inhospitable to them (due to being from a planet covered entirely in water) and actively killing them just by being there, forcing them to near constantly rehydrate themselves just to survive there (and even then Earth water has significant differences from their homeworld's and doesn't do the job nearly as well). They're willing to risk it to protect people they barely know, because that's just what Power Rangers do. The Earth Rangers and Zordon get one in return by making it a point of always putting the Aquatian Rangers' health and well being first and foremost.
  • Real Life examples:
    • Following Thuy Trang's death, all her former costars attended her funeral. True Companions indeed. The only exception was Jason David Frank, as he had to attend his brother's funeral, but he nonetheless sent his condolences.
    • Apart from Frank, none of the MMPR rangers appeared in Power Rangers Megaforce. David Yost's reason for not appearing was that he should have at least received an apology for the gay-bashing he received. Walter Jones' declined to appear in support of Yost.


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