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  • Most of this show's over-the-top cheesiness can be very amusing on its own.
  • Everytime Rita says "I've got a headache!".
  • Usually by the villains (in the third season) or by Bulk and Skull, though the Rangers and Alpha would occasionally get in a few of their own here and there. Also, see Lampshade Hanging.
  • At a con appearance, a fan asked the cast why so many people continue to live in Angel Grove, despite the weekly monster attacks. One of the cast members answered with, "It's rent controlled." It makes perfect sense; the constant threat of disaster puts a low ceiling on property values.
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  • Rita's angry reactions for failing to destroy the Power Rangers with her monsters.

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    Season 1 
  • One of the greatest Funny Moments in Power Rangers will always be this immortal line.
    • The non-opening version is funny too. Rita and her monsters have been released, and Baboo tries to help Rita out of the dumpster;
      Baboo: (Singing) Walk with me, talk with me-!
      Rita: Oh, you made me step in a puddle, you nitwit!
    • Even better in the show version: "You're just in time for my coming out party".
    • This gem after Zordon and Alpha learn of Rita's escape:
      Zordon: Teleport to us five overbearing and over emotional humans.
      Alpha: No! Not that! Not teenagers!
      Zordon: That's correct, Alpha.
      Alpha: I was afraid of that.
    • Kimberly kids Alpha and the others about not wanting to be a Ranger because the helmet messes up her hair. When she reveals that it was a joke, Alpha's reaction is priceless:
      Alpha: Circuit overload! Circuit overload!
    • Bulk's "Tornado Kick", and Skull's congratulatory clap.
  • During the battle with Goldar and King Sphinx, the Rangers suddenly put the Megazord into Tank Mode and ran over Goldar. This gets even funnier if one considers this payback for what had happened earlier, that is Goldar charging the Megazord in Tank Mode and successfully hitting it with his sword.
  • In "Different Drum", Rita catches her Monster of the Week, Squatt and Baboo sleeping on the job in a cave near Angel Grove, and wakes them up shouting... From the Moon.
    • Later in the episode... The dancing Megazord.
  • The plot of the Season 1 episode "Food Fight" had to do with Rita trying to sabotage a food festival...because she woke up feeling sick that day and the sight of all that food was making it worse. Just the idea that a supposedly dangerous world-conquering villain would do something so petty is pretty hilarious.
    • Pudgy Pig, the monster that ate the Power Rangers' Power Weapons.
    • During the food fight, Jason used a sausage link as a nunchuck to psych out Bulk, causing him to drop a pie he was about to throw, on his head.
  • "Big Sisters"
    • The child of the week, Maria, is introduced in a scene that highlights her mischief— turning off the hot water to the boys' locker room.
    • Billy introduces the Radbug and they 'fly' to the command centre in it combined with some cheesy driving acting which you can tell the actors are enjoying a little too much.
      • And then there's Alpha's slightly baffled reaction when it just appears in the centre after all the alarms go off.
        Alpha 5: ... It's an old car.
    • A Freeze-Frame Bonus combined with People in Rubber Suits; if you pause at the right moment of Chunky Chicken's two-foot kick against the Megazord, it's possible to see the clear soles of the shoes the person in the costume is wearing.
  • "For Whom the Bell Trolls?"
    • There's a Show-and-Tell at the Rangers' high school. Trini's doll collection was nothing strange, but after that Hilarity Ensues:
      • Jason's hobby is martial arts, and he showed off with a Simple Staff, much to the teacher's terror.
      • Zack jumped on the table with a surfboard.
      • Kim gives us a gymnastic handstand. Nothing strange or crazy… Except for the teacher's scared face when Kim did it on the desk.
      • Billy shows up with a homemade volcano. Everything normal… Then Bulk and Skull tries to bully Trini. Guess on whose face the volcano goes off.
      • The following day Bulk and Skull show up with a home-made flea circus. Just one problem:
    *Cut to the scratching teacher*
  • "Happy Birthday, Zack":
  • In "Peace, Love, and Woe", Bulk is in roller stakes and is out of control.
    (he skates between Jason and Trini as they were training)
    Trini: (accidentally kicks Bulk) Oops! Sorry, Bulk.
    Kimberly: Watch where you're going!
    Bulk: I can go anywhere I wanna [sees he's about to crash into Ernie holding a cake] GO!
    [crashed and creamed]
    Skull: Are you sure that's where you wanted to go?
    • Ernie isn't fooled by Bulk and Skull's ridiculous disguises.
  • In "Foul Play in the Sky", Bulk and Skull convince Kimberly's uncle to let them fly with them (much to Kim's horror). Hilarity Ensues since the start, given that Bulk is too large and gets stuck when trying to climb in the plane. And that's before the uncle falls asleep due having been drugged by Squatt...
    • Skull thinks he has talent as a pilot because everyone calls him an airhead. Bulk's face when he finds he doesn't have the heart to explain what that actually means is priceless.
    • Bulk and Skull pass out early on as Kimberly contacts Alpha to get help flying the plane. The two slowly wake up to take in what's happening and how Kimberly's flying the plane. "SHE'S FLYING THE PLANE?!" They scream, then faint once more.
  • In "Switching Places", Squatt sabotages one of Billy's devices, and as a result, Billy and Kimberly undergo a "Freaky Friday" Flip. Hilarity Ensues, especially thanks to the two actors' pitch-perfect imitations of each other's body language and mannerisms, including Billy with Kimberly's walk and Valley Girl gestures and Kim with Billy's Expospeak and glasses-adjusting. Also, Billy's absolutely disastrous attempt to apply makeup, and Kim managing to blow up a computer.
    • When they jump to their Zords, Kimberly doesn't know whether to call herself by her name or Billy's.
    • Having seen Billy preparing the machine but having been chased away by a dog before they saw the actual effect, Bulk and Skull use it too, with the obvious result. Even more Hilarity Ensues.
  • In "Power Rangers Punks", Baboo turns Kimberly and Billy into bullies... Who go after Bulk and Skull.
    • The sight of the duo is priceless: Billy in a sleeveless jean jacket with sunglasses, bandana on his head and a studded leather collar. Kimberly is in a leather jacket, ultra tight pink short dress, a spiked collar of her own and hair and heavy makeup straight out of an '80s music video.
    • The duo's wonderful reaction when they drink a potion and come to their senses in the Command Center, both totally baffled at what they're wearing.
    Kimberly: YUCK! Who did my nails?
    • You can also see Billy hastily pull up his pants so they're no longer sagging.
  • "Green With Evil":
    • How does the Green Ranger defeat the Megazord in his first encounter with it? Easy: he breaks into the cockpit and throws the Power Rangers out.
    • During their second battle with the Green Ranger, the Power Rangers summon the Megazord. The Green Ranger attacks head on.
    • When Goldar attacks the Youth Center, Bulk and Skull refuse to evacuate at first...
    Bulk: (pulling Skull into his seat) Sit down.
    Skull: But Bulky! The building's gonna collapse!
    Bulk: I'm not finished with my ice cream yet.
    (He eats a little bit more...when a large chunk of debris hits the counter right in front of him. He pauses, then wolfs the rest of it down)
    Bulk: Now I'm finished!
    (Bulk gets Brain Freeze as they run)
    • In the same episode as the above, Bulk and Skull find themselves being knocked around inside a bus a giant Goldar is holding.
      Bulk: I want my mommy!
      Skull: Me too! I want your mommy!
      (Bulk shoots Skull a weirded-out/surprised look)
    • In the last episode of the saga, after the Megazord has knocked the Dragonzord to the ground, there's a moment where Tommy's voice sounds comically robotic, like they just recorded Jason David Frank reading his line without him knowing. (If it even is him, since it barely sounds like him):
    Jason: Give it up, Tommy!
    Tommy: (very awkwardly) No WAY.
  • In "Itsy Bitsy Spider", Bulk & Skull throws bugs at everyone just to see how bugs are helpful to people. A spider, Zach's least favorite bug, happens to land on his shoulder. Tommy tries to hit it with his binder, but it jumps, so he ends up hitting Zach's shoulder.
    • Later, when Billy shows the gang his lab assistant (not his pet) rat Jack.
    Bulk: Look, the geeks have a new mascot.
    Zach: Well he's smarter than some humanoids I know.
    Skull: Hey, you can't talk to my pal Bulk like that!
    (Bulk hits Skull's arm)
  • From "Life's A Masquerade", there's a bit where the Frankenstein's Monster, after having slipped into the Halloween party to attack the Rangers, gets spotted by a lusty teenage girl and dragged off to the dance floor.
  • These dialogues in "The Wheel of Misfortune":
    (Bulk is trying to work Kimberly's grandmother's spinning wheel)
    Kimberly: Bulk, be careful! You're such a clod!
    Bulk: (to Mr. Caplan) She's making me mess up my lines.
    (Kimberly rolls her eyes. Then Bulk starts spinning the wheel so fast, it blows Caplan's toupee off. Bulk starts laughing.)

    (after Bulk accidentally broke the spinning wheel)
    Mr. Caplan: Honestly, Bulk! Let's take a break before something else gets broken!

    Tommy: Hey, you guys seen the spinning wheel?
    Bulk: Oh yeah, you see, I was broke. So Skull and I decided to spin me some money so I can buy a soda.
    (Bulk and Skull laugh at him)
    Tommy: Hey, I'm not kidding around, Bulk. I mean it. Did you see it?
    Bulk: No, I didn't see it, you goody-good! What would I want with a stupid spinning wheel for?
  • In "The Rockstar", the Rangers are invited to Trini's house, because she's developed an interest in cooking. She gives the Rangers some finger foods to try, which they do with little incident. One of them asks Trini what it is, and she happily explains that its escargot. Billy is the only one to realize that escargot is snails, and says as much. The Rangers' reactions are priceless.
    • Jason's especially. While the rest all seem to be varying degrees of freaked out, Jason simply stares at his escargot wide eyed, and makes a sound suspiciously like he just threw up in his mouth.
  • In "Calamity Kimberly", Bulk and Skull are having fun teasing a completely drenched Kimberly.
    Tommy: Don't you banana-brains ever quit?
    Bulk: "Oh, I just washed my hair, and I can't do a thing with it!"
  • In "A Star is Born", Skull accidentally squirts sunscreen on Bulk's face.
    Bulk: Skull, you airhead! I said I need a tan, not a bath.
    [The bottle's empty, so Skull improvised by rubbing mayonnaise on him.]
    • While Bulk mocks Tommy, Skull pats him on the back. Bulk screams in pain. "Don't touch my sunburn!" Later, after Bulk believes he got the part and rubbing it in Tommy's face, Skull almost pat Bulk on the back again before he backtracked his hand. Then they walk away, with Bulk sticking his tongue at Tommy, and laugh.
    • Bulk's martial arts demonstration, with him throwing papers in the air before "punching" them and breaking a chair with his foot.
  • At the end of "Clean-Up Club", when Bulk finally shows his completed video. Skull edited it (albeit accidentally) to make it look like Bulk was disappreciating himself in public, saying that he has no class, and that's just the beginning. The video continues to show Bulk and Skull humiliating themselves on camera, especially at the end. The entire class can't help but laugh. Even Miss Applebee seems to be holding back a laugh.
  • "The Yolk's On You" features this truly terrifying threat from Baboo to the rangers:
    Baboo: You better leave, or I'll be forced to raise my voice in anger!
  • The scenes with Bulk and Skull in "A Bad Reflection on You".
    • One scene had Bulk hooking up the T.V.
    Bulk: Oh boy! It's time for my favorite cartoon.
    • After the Rangers tricked them into blindfolding them, plug their ears, and count to 10 (which they don't do so well), Bulk takes off his blindfold and sees they're gone.
    Bulk: [to Skull] They're gone! Whatcha do with them?
    Skull: [still blindfolded and plugged his ears] What!? I can't hear you! [Bulk takes off his blindfold] Hey, they're gone!
    Bulk: Nothing gets past you, huh, Skull?
    • Skull looking through the cabinets.
    Skull: Ha! Not in there. [next cabinet] HA! Not in there. [next cabinet] HAA!! [he accidentally hits Bulk in the head with the cabinet door] Uh... they're not there.
    • After the Rangers teleport back and quickly get back to their seats (with Jason sitting on "Bulk"'s seat):
    Rangers: Good afternoon, Mr. Caplan.
    Bulk: Hey! How'd you guys do that?
    Zack: It's magic.
    Kimberly: It's done with mirrors like these. [showing her mirror]
    • This dialogue:
    Zack: How'd like to see a magic trick?
    Bulk: Yeah right. Show us something we haven't seen.
    Kimberly: Like the alphabet?
    • And this:
    Newscaster: The day the Power Rangers are behaving like the hoodlums they put out of business, this is indeed a dark day for Angel and the world!
    Bulk & Skull: Alright!
    (The real Rangers glare at them)
  • Any scenes involving Bulk and Skull with Norman the pig in "A Pig Surprise".
    Ernie: Hey you two, what do you think you're doing? You guys can't bring this pig in here!
  • The episode "Crystal of Nightmares", where Bulk and Skull dream of being superheroes in their own right (complete with pseudo-morphing sequence!). They then try and pilot the Megazord. They don't know how.
    • "It's morphin' time! Burgersaurus!" "Dog-A-Saurus!"
    • Their morphers were a hot dog and a cheeseburger, with a glowing gem in the middle.
    • And it's the same costume they wore in "Doomsday" as "the Incredible Bulkster" and "Super-Skull".
    • Even Goldar seems confused as to how the two got wrapped up in all this.
    • When they got F's on their tests:
    Skull: Hey, Bulk, the plan worked! We didn't get D's! No detention!
    Bulk: Will you shut up?
    Mr. Caplan: Do you know what F stands for, gentlemen?
    Bulk: Fun?
    Skull: Far-out?
    Mr. Caplan: No! (writes "forever" on the chalkboard) Forever! Which is how long you're gonna be staying after school in my office!
    Bulk: That was my next guess.
    Mr. Caplan: I'm very disappointed in you, gentlemen! (shakes the chalkboard eraser at them, getting dust at Bulk, causing him to sneeze Caplan's toupee off his head)
  • "Enter... The Lizzinator" had this gem:
    Jason: What? Putties can drive?
    (the Putty drives in the car, to try to run over Jason)
    Jason: Yup, they can drive!
  • Bulk and Skull got one when they dressed and behaved as Victorian gentleman at the end of "Mighty Morphin Mutants", years before pretending to be Victorian Ladies and Gentlemen was a popular pastime.
  • The Rangers are surprised to find Bulk and Skull pouring over some science books. They're frantically studying for their next test because they're told if they fail, they'll have to be tutored by the six best students in class. Zack quickly does a head-count and realizes the Rangers are the six best students in class. Everyone immediately joins to help Bulk and Skull study.

    Season 2 
  • One of (if not THE) only times when Zordon shows a sense of humor: the end of the three-part introduction of Lord Zedd and the Power Rangers' new Thunderzords. Right after the first victory against Zedd, Tommy asks what became of Rita. Well, observe the viewing globe: Zordon shows them her dumpster floating out in space and her singing "Ninety-nine bottles of slime on the wall." Then Zordon starts mock-singing it as he and the Rangers share a good laugh. Normally, that's a typical Everybody Laughs Ending, but Zordon is the stoic, wise head in the glass tube. He NEVER so much as lets out a chuckle, let alone breaks out in laughter and openly mocks a Big Bad.
  • It's more Fridge Funny, since initially seeing both Rita cowering in fear and her right hand monster turning his back on her is the main focus, but when Lord Zedd arrives, Rita gets one of her customary headaches. Goldar's response? "Deal with it!"
  • From the same episode, the Rangers try Billy's Signal Blocker device to regain control of the Dinozords so they can use the new Thunderzords...only it doesn't work. Why is this under Funny Moments? Billy discovers that he put one of the batteries in the wrong way! And they call him the brains of the team. Fortunately, once he fixes it, the device works perfectly.
  • In the episode "Putty on the Brain," Bulk and Skull are feeding the class iguana, pouring pretty much the whole food packet into the cage. Then Lord Zedd turns it into his Saliguana monster.
    Saliguana: Thanks for the snack!
    Bulk: (Beat, deadpan) I guess we overfed it. (he and Skull run screaming from the room)
  • In one episode, Goldar tries to brainwash Kimberly into becoming evil. The brainwashing doesn't work (other than dressing her in Rita's costume), but Kim plays along and launches into a frighteningly good Rita impression (granted, it's mostly angry screeching, but Amy Jo Johnson still deserves props for it).
    Kimberly: (to herself) That gold goon thinks his spell worked...Okay, I'll show him!
    (Kim turns to Goldar and assumes the Rita!Kim character)
    Squat: Er, n-nothing...your highness!
    Kimberly: YOU SWINE!
    Goldar: Your instruction will now begin. Kneel before me as your master teacher!
    (Kimberly thrashes Goldar with her/Rita's staff.)
    Squat: Ooo! That must've hurt!
    Squat: S-she's a lot like Rita, isn't she?
    Kimberly: (sitting down) YOU NUMBSKULLS! YOU'RE GIVING ME A HEADAAAAAACHE!!!!!
    Goldar: (fleeing) Maybe this was a bad idea...for once my spell worked too well!
    • Just by watching Amy's face during it, you can tell she's having lots of fun.
  • Speaking of Rita, when she re-appears in "White Light," the first people she sees are Bulk and Skull, and she humorously refers to them as a human Squatt and Baboo.
  • "Hail Lord Fred... Hail Lord Fred... Hail Lord Fred..."
  • This exchange between Bulk and Skull over a secret note:
    Skull: (reading note) "Meet me in the hallway after school; We have what you've been looking for..."
    Bulk: I found that in my locker. Do you know what this means?
    Skull: Somebody knows the combination to your locker.
  • In "Where There's Smoke," Lord Zedd is inspired by Angel Grove's fire safety week.
    Zedd: I'll make Angel Grove the hottest spot on Earth!
    Goldar: Great plan! I'll send down the Putties with matches!
    • Also, Aisha is giving tips to the class on never plugging too many outlets, such as using blow dryer with a hair curler. This leads to she and Kimberly talking hair tips. "Wait, you put gel on before you curl?"
  • In the episode "Lights, Camera, Action" The Rangers make an appearance on a fictional In-Universe talk show; at the end of the episode Miss Appleby asks Rocky what he learned from watching the Power Rangers. It's the way Steve Cardenas smiled that you get the impression he knew how the line came off as. His line?
    • In that same episode, the host asks a very innocent question: "Whatever happened to the Green Ranger?" The fact that he asks this to Tommy, who just leans back and looks at the camera, makes it even funnier.
  • In "When Is a Ranger Not a Ranger" Aisha talks to the amnesiac Kimberly on how they go to the mall every day.
    Kimberly: Wait, every day? Why?
    Aisha: You said there's never a bad reason to go to the mall.
    Kimberly: Wow, how pathetic is that?
    • Bulk and Skull's shocked reactions to finding out who the Rangers are. Bulk complains about "they've been playing deewbish all this time just to throw us off!" while Skull just groans "aw....aww...AWWWWWW!" through it all.
  • In "Scavenger Hunt", a Putty got wedged between a tree and as the Putty breaks apart it swung around the branch like a monkey.
  • Tommy and Kimberly arguing during the middle of a Putty attack, while morphed and completely disregarding the attacking Putties. In fact, the two do most of the damage to the Putties in between their arguing than they would if they actually fought them. Even one of the down Putties looks at the camera as though to say, "You gotta be kidding me..."
    • The best part has to be Goldar trying to get their attention while they argue.
      • And then Goldar just quitting in annoyance, grumbling "This is ridiculous," and punching Kimberly in the face.
  • Goldar took a lot of verbal abuse from Zedd, and often it was hilarious, but this one takes the cake.
    Goldar: I'm the greatest warrior of all!
    (cut to the moon)
    Zedd: I can't believe that bubblehead SAID that!
  • "The Wedding":
    • Evil Alpha 5. Finster brainwashes him and he wreaks havoc- sending the Rangers to a haunted house where their powers don't work, trapping Bulk and Skull in the Australian outback, and messing around in the Command Center, complaining about working for Zordon and generally insulting him. The kicker is when he starts fiddling around with Zordon's image like he's using Photoshop, adding a mustache, a headband, hair and glasses in that order.
    • Goldar's complete and utter dismay at Rita's return and marriage to Zedd, spending the reception sitting in the corner, just shaking his head in disbelief.
  • Zedd and Rita's tango. Especially when Zedd suggests they have a baby, which sends Rita running from the room. "Not the reaction I expected."
    • Even funnier, considering eventually, he somehow convinced her, unfortunately offscreennote . Alcohol was probably involved.
  • In "Best Man For The Job": "Don't Vote for Dummy"

    Season 3 
  • During the "A Friend In Need" three-parter, Kimberly has to fight a monster alone while dealing with the flu, and ends up infecting the monster with it by sneezing. Despite that she's wearing her helmet the whole time.
  • Anything uttered by Rito counts:
    Goldar: "Are you ready to surrender yet?"
    Tommy: "You know me better than that, Goldar!"
    Rito suddenly appears out of nowhere.
    Rito: "I don't know you. Will you surrender to me?"
  • Bulk announces to the gathered crowd at the Juice Bar that he and Skull are joining the Junior Police Patrol. This leads to a glorious tracking shot of everyone staring at them in open-jawed shock.
  • Ninjor got in some good ones, too.
    Fighting a particularly ugly monster:
    "Turn around and fight like a... hey, what are you?"
    • His introductory dialogue with Kimberly:
    Kimberly: "That little twerp is the great Ninjor?"
    Ninjor: "What a rude little girl you are."
    • Also when Tommy tries to explain what the Rangers are doing there.
    Tommy: We need new powers and Zords. Lord Zedd destroyed our old ones.
    Ninjor: Time's up! That's a lovely story, don't let the door hit you on the way out.
    • What really makes Ninjor hilarious is that he sounds exactly like Dudley Do-Right.
  • When the Earth is brought back in time, the Command Center is out of power. Alpha and Zordon are desperate to figure out what's wrong. Alpha soon discovers that the reason is that a cord came unplugged because Alpha had unplugged it to vacuum because the day they were sent back to was Spring cleaning day. Zordon's reaction is priceless, mainly for the grandiose way he reacts, similar to Optimus Prime's "stop lubricating the man" from Transformers.
    Zordon: "I don't believe this. All this time our power outage is due not to a sinister force, but to a common household appliance?"
  • This line:
    Finster: Oh, I have wonderful news, Lord Zedd!
    Lord Zedd: What is it this time, Finster? A monster that blows itself up?!
  • Bulk and Skull hear a news broadcast about a spy in Angel Grove.
    Bulk: Middle aged, 5' 11", heavy accent, know anyone who fits that description?
    Skull: (In a Bill Clinton impression) The President of the United States.
  • "Changing of the Zords, Part 2" has a Moment of Awesome for Lord Zedd entering the Command Center, but it briefly turns into a Funny Moment with an exchange that borrows Rito's Running Gag:
    Zedd: Oh, Alpha, you can come out of hiding.
    Alpha 5: (stuttering at the end) I don't like you, Ed...
  • "Changing of the Zords, Part 3," just before Tommy and Lord Zedd start fighting:
    Lord Zedd: "Are those hiyahs really necessary?"
  • Master Vile's less than cordial meeting with his son-in-law.
    Master Vile: You married Lord Zedd?! You couldn't marry someone with a skull?
  • Master Vile's Rage Quit of the fight against the Power Rangers after only four episodes, and Zedd's subsequent kiss to Goldar's forehead in his glee of having his father-in-law take a hike.
    • Even moreso, as the villain declares that he's returning to his world where he states that the bad guys always win.
    • Rita complains that he's embarrassing her.
    • Vile referring to Alpha as "Zordon's little food processor on legs" after the robot succeeds at disarming his implosion device.
  • When Master Vile believes that he's won, he throws a party to celebrate the impending end of the world... at the Juice Bar. Seeing humans and monsters partying together (including Rito going full-blown party animal) is one of the most surreal moments in the series.
    • Kat's reaction:
    "Oh no, they're forcing Bulk and Skull to do the conga."
  • "The Potion Notion". The entire episode is based on Zedd & Rita creating a monster that uses a love potion on unsuspecting victims, leading to such parings as:
    • Kimberly & Skull
    • Bulk & Aisha, complete with him copping a feel.
    • Rita & Goldar
    • And finally, Miss Chief hits both Mr. Kaplan and Lieutenant Stone with the love potion, both targeted on Miss Applebee. At first she seems horrified, but by the time they're fighting over her, she seems to be enjoying it.
  • Rita and Zedd take the day off and let Rito have command. They spend their time laughing at his incompetence and hanging a few lampshades on the routine. For added measure, Finster refuses to make him a monster since he only serves Rita and Zedd.
  • The unusually snarky way that Ninjor responds to Master Vile showing him footage of his capture is hilarious, given Ninjor's typically hammy delivery.
  • After Rita introduces Master Vile as her father, the other villains react in shock....except for Rito, who gives a very casual "Hiya, Dad!"
  • The opening verse to the Tenga Warrior's theme song makes them sound anything but threatening:
    They've got a feathered face
    They've got a funny beak
    I.Q. of under ten, they're loud and noisy!
    They smell like spoiled fish
    On a hot hot summer's day
    Cross-eyed and crazy enough
    To fly above us!


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