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  • The game starts out with one. Batman and Robin begin the game chasing Bane, when Robin gets sucked into a portal. Even though he knows Bane has stolen kryptonite, Batman immediately heads into the portal after Robin.
  • When we're first introduced to The LEGO Movie world, we see the main cast in Cloud Cuckoo Land. In the movie, Cloud Cuckoo Land was destroyed by the Super Secret Police. Given the strong implications that LEGO Dimensions takes place after the movie, it's likely that the main cast found time to rebuild it.
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  • While they're being held prisoner by the villains, Robin assures the other captives that their is still hope for them to be rescued. Then he ruins the moment for Metalbeard by pointing out that his treasure chest of ill-gotten booty will have to be returned to the rightful owners.
  • When the Doctor fixes X-PO he talks about how much he loves K-9 and brings up the fact he had to fix him a lot. Overall, the Doctor turns out to be a pretty nice guy and very helpful to the heroes.
  • While it's treated as dangerous in-universe, the foundation of all dimensions turns out to be a basic 16x16 green baseplate, representing how a simple piece can inspire the imagination to create worlds with LEGO.
  • Chell being a playable character can lead to this. Before, her existence was defined by being a test subject in Aperture Science, being taunted by a sarcastic AI and being "aided" by a rather incompetent one. Now, she can go anywhere. By playing as her, you're not only giving her freedom, but an adventure with some new friends.
    • Not to mention that in her bonus level, Wheatley finally gets to apologize for his With Great Power Comes Great Insanity moment in Portal 2 like he wanted.
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    • Having Doc Brown and Chell together has Doc adorably ask to check out the Portal Gun.
    • Early in the Ghostbusters 2016 story pack you can see Velma and Chell walking on the opposite side of the street with some coffee or tea. CHELL HAS A FRIEND WITH COFFEE DATES!
    • If Chell takes a ride in K.I.T.T., he'll ask her why she's a little concerned, and wonder if she's had bad experiences with AI before. The fact that he seems like he genuinely wants to help her get over it is adorable.
  • Wheatley begins to be more affectionate toward his Frankenturrets, resolving to give them freedom to disobey (unless that's an awful idea) and showing some amount of pride and caring for them.
  • Having Doc and Marty on the pad together can elicit this line:
    Doc: Marty! Marty, my boy, it's good to have you with me.
  • Benny the 1980-Something Space Guy and Gamer Kid apparently becoming kindred spiritsnote :
    Gamer Kid: Hey, that's a cool T-shirt you have! Spaceship!
    Benny: You're my type of guy! Let's talk all about the 80's!
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  • Wonder Woman's reaction to meeting Nya/Samurai X:
    Wonder Woman: Always a pleasure to meet another proud female warrior.
  • B.A Baracus (AKA Mr. T) offers to finally give Homer that autograph he always wanted
    B.A Baracus: I'll get you that autograph, Homer. So long as you don't get on my bad side.
  • A few regarding Adventure Time's Marceline:
    • The intro to "A Book and a Bad Guy" shows her with a box of French fries, quelling any concerns that after Hunson Abadeer ate the ones she bought years earlier, and made her cry, Marceline never found any more fries.
    • The Adventure World dedicates a whole quest to helping Marceline reclaim Hambo.
  • Shadow's quest in the Sonic Adventure World revolves around helping him find and arrange flowers to honor Maria's memory.
  • During the Meet That Hero! episode featuring The Goonies, Excalibur Batman states that if they just asked him for help, he would've gladly and easily paid off the debt for the Goon Docks with his fortune.
  • You can finally have Sloth meet Superman.

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