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Heartwarming / Archie Sonic Online

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    Sonic the Hedgehog Online 
  • In issue #248, Cream takes it up on herself to distract the Tails Doll during its rampage. The reason? She believes that she was the one responsible for the Tails Doll's attacks, and wants to make up for it.
  • Issue #249 has the de-roboticization of Mecha Sally. After being used as a tool for Dr. Eggman's ultimate scheme, Sonic saves Mecha Sally just before she self-destructs. Sonic is shown crying Tears of Joy when he hugs Sally's now de-roboticized body. When Sally wakes up, she's in shock, but it doesn't take long to see her former flame standing before her, as the two finally embrace each other.
    • On a meta note, Sally is FINALLY de-roboticized after almost seven years of being Mecha Sally (post-reboot notwithstanding).

    Knuckles: Endangered Species 
  • Saffron comforts a young Echidna by giving him a doll, ensuring that Albion will be saved by the Chaotix.
  • Crystal-La is giddy when she sees Knuckles and his friends, jubilantly taking out a legionnaire while celebrating the Avatar's return.
  • For fans of Julie-Su, Lien-Da, Saffron and Remington, seeing them again is immediately this, given how all four were literally Exiled from Continuity in the past thanks to copyright.


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