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Tear Jerker / Archie Sonic Online

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    Sonic the Hedgehog Online 
  • Issue #249 has the final battle between Sonic and Mecha Sally. After Mecha Sally reactivates when Metal Sonic and Emerl arrive at New Mobotropolis, she immediately decides to go after Sonic. As the fight continues, Sonic assures that he'll save Sally — however, Mecha Sally gives her own rebuttal, calling out Sonic for the times he failed to save her. Mecha Sally is soon ordered to self destruct by Metal Sonic. Desperate, Sonic heads after her, and manages to cling onto her. Sonic again tries to reason with her, only to further call Sonic out on failing to save other allies as well as her. The Robian attempts to take Sonic down with a laser blast, but Sonic wrecks her head-laser and incapacitates the Robian. With mere seconds before Sally self-destructs, Sonic desperately heads to the lab where the de-roboticizer is, placing her in there and activating it. Thankfully, the subsequent reunion between Sonic and Sally bring happy tears, though judging by Sally's reaction she's in a severe state of shock.
    • What makes this moment even more of a tearjerker is Sonic's personality throughout the fight. Instead of having his trademark confidence and wit, Sonic instead attempts to call to his former flame inside Mecha Sally, to no avail. When Mecha Sally is on the verge of self-destructing, Sonic is seen crying as he defeats her and returns her to normal. O.O.C. Is Serious Business at its finest.
  • Also from #249, Sonic has a brief flashback of Antoine's Heroic Sacrifice from #234 when he sees Metal Sonic again.

    Knuckles: Endangered Species 
  • #1 initially has a heartwarming moment when Saffrom consoles a young Echidna. However, when she states that she and the Chaotix would save Albion, she is suddenly reminded of her own failures from the past—specifically, the destruction of the Golden Hive Colony and the damage done to Charmy's mind.

    Mobius Legends 
  • "Mobius Legends 4" has an alternate universe story where Sonic did die after his sacrifice in #125, and Evil Sonic took his place. Sally was in denial about it all, finally confronting him just before they were to be wed.


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