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Silver will continue to work with the Secret Freedom Fighters.

Tiara Boobowski will appear.

Fiona Fox will be redeemed and break up with Scourge.

Either Axel the Water Buffalo or Bearenger the Grizzly will be the Kommissar of the Efrikan D.E.L. chapter.
The staff said that each branch of the Dark Egg Legion will have a Kommissar as well as a Grandmaster. In addition, they're not ruling out any post-Super Genesis Wave characters from appearing, especially since the comic is now in IDW's hands. And since Axel was the Egg Boss of the Efrikan Egg Army, and Bearenger is a bear (making him feel home in Diesel's chapter), I think either is a good choice to be Diesel's second-in-command.

Hershey is not dead, but legionized.

The Great Desert D.E.L.'s Kommissar is Bunnie Rabbot's aunt, Lulumae Rabbot.
Given how Bunnie's uncle Beauregard is the Grandmaster, this makes a lot of sense.

The events of this comic exists because of an unseen Convergence-like event.

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