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Heartwarming / Advice and Trust

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  • Shinji and Asuka realizing they are surprisingly alike.
  • Rei telling Shinji and Asuka that she loves them both after fighting Zeruel.
  • In chapter 8 Asuka says: "I told you, Misato. This isn't about us wanting to just fuck. This is because when we're lying there together at night, I never feel alone and unloved anymore. He's all I want. I don't need anyone else but him, not even... Kaji." It is a touching speech for several reasons (one of them being how badly she wants Shinji). Strypgia hinted her little pause was because she was about to say "Rei" in lieu of "Kaji". She has gone from hating Rei to loving her nearly as much as she loves Shinji.
    • It helps that -in Strypgia's words-: "More importantly, Rei is the only other person in her life that's ever told Asuka "I love you" besides Shinji."
  • Rei getting hugs.
    • Asuka and Shinji taking care of Rei after Ritsuko gives her an overdose of emotional suppressants.
      Asuka: More hugs? Any time you need, Rei. Food can wait. Get over here, Shinji. She needs us.
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    • Rei coming home to Asuka and Shinji after she had a heart-to-heart with Dr Akagi.
      Caught between them, held tight and close, with the care for her she could see and feel pouring off them, Rei closed her eyes again and let herself enjoy the closest thing she had ever experienced to a moment of perfect happiness. For the first time in her short, largely numbed life she understood what 'crying from joy' meant. "I'm home," she whispered to them.
  • Not only was Rei willing to forgive Ritsuko for constantly drugging her, but she came to her rescue when she was at her absolute lowest.
  • Asuka and Misato comforting Shinji when he finds out the truth about SEELE and his family.
  • Asuka's 15th birthday party, especially Shinji composing a concerto for her.
    She put her head back, closed her eyes, and fought a losing battle to hold in her tears. Only once, in the aftermath of speaking to her Mama, had she let herself cry in public in ten years. Shinji’s music blasted right through her walls. When she could not hold in the joyful tears anymore, she opened her eyes again and locked her gaze on Shinji. When he met her eyes, she mouthed ‘I love you’ to him, and smiled as she cried. She didn’t mind. He was crying too.
  • An unexpected but delightful reveal to the fans of a certain popular pairing from another series:
    Sayaka and Kyoko were now slowly dancing and holding each other close. Kensuke watched from the side, smiling gently at them. His smile only grew warmer when Sayaka gently nudged Kyoko’s chin up and kissed her.
    • The fact that Kensuke respects the relationship between his girlfriends and engages in it amiably, while keeping it a secret from everyone.
      Asuka: "I… got to give Geek-Stooge credit. He hasn’t blabbed about it in public, hasn’t acted like any kind of horndog, and actually been… pretty respectable about it.”
      • According to Word of God, the girls went for Kensuke initially as The Beard during his popularity's peak, yet things resolved due Kensuke's compassionate, tolerant personality:
      Strygpia: But yes, part of the reason the girls approached Kensuke was as a beard... but then he proved to be nicer than they expected, never pushed, and when they revealed they were also into each other, Ken just accepted it. He won a lot of points from them just by not either freaking out, or blabbing it to the world.
  • Hikari's reunion with her mother in her Synch Test.
    • Likewise, Asuka's reunion with her mom is very touching too; even if it takes a turn for the horrifying later on, those first few moments are just adorable.
  • Rei's comforting of Kaworu when he breaks down crying over his constant struggle with his Angelic nature. The progression of her going from seeing him from an enemy she needs to kill to another friend, and potentially something more, is really nice overall.
  • Ritsuko's budding relationship with Maya. After her abusive relationship with Gendo, Ritsuko practically seems overwhelmed by being with someone who genuinely loves her.
  • Shinji's eternal loyalty to Asuka manages to make Kyoko's severed soul speak in unison, if only for a single sentence.
    "I'm hers until she makes me go. She's what makes my life worth living. If she wants me to go beyond death for her, I'll try."

    For the first time, both voices were silent. A moment later they answered in unison. "Good boy."
  • During the countdown for New Years, Asuka wants to follow the tradition that at the stroke of midnight you are doing what you want to do for the next year. For her and Shinji, it obviously means they'll be kissing, but then we get to Rei and Kaworu...
    The countdown reached the final seconds. Rei looked him right in the eye. "Live," she ordered.

    He blinked for a second, then smiled. "Yes."

    They both leaned forward.

    Midnight struck.
  • Rei finally regaining all her memories of Kaworu during the group date to the movies, capped off by her giving him a kiss.
  • After the attempted assassination of the Pilots, Kaworu has trouble controlling his Call and asks Ritsuko to kill him. She refuses, for the same reasons Rei talked her out of her own suicide. Followed by Rei showing up and making it clear that no matter what, she's still not giving up on him.
  • Asuka's reaction to Rei's reveal about her and Kaworu's true nature. It doesn't change her view of Rei in any way, and she's perfectly willing to give Kaworu the benefit of the doubt due to him having taken a bullet for Shinji not even a day earlier and Rei admitting to be in love with him.


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