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The fic will end up with Third Impact happening, and Shinji, Asuka and Rei returning to the past with their memories intact
Theory suggested in this post:

Stop giving me ideas, damn it!

Asuka would be on the first plane out of Berlin, if she had to steal it and fly it herself.

Rei would be throwing up into a bucket as fast as she could to get the drugs out of her, while sitting at the airport with Shinji who would be jittering his knee like mad and whispering over and over "When's she going to get here when's she going to get here when's she going to get here?"


Asuka would damn near tackle-snog Shinji off his feet as soon as she got the plane's door open... And fail only because he was running at her just as hard.

Rei'd be upset it would be months before {SPOILER}, and she'd have to wait that whole time. She'd give Asuka a big hug hello anyhow, happy to see her best friend again for the first time.

Then they'd get to work.

Of course, for any of that to happen, there would have to have been something terribly wrong happening during Third Impact or something like it.

@Mcnickel: So, this is the prequel to Doing It Right This Time?

Gendo will ask Shinji if he can retrieve his mother from Unit 01
In chapter 7 Shinji rescues Hikari from the Unit 03 core; later Shinji and Asuka deduce that their mothers are inside their Evas. And Gendo is freaking out about Hikari coming out of the core thank to Shinji. They will confront Gendo about their mothers... and Gendo will ask Shinji if he can rescue his.
  • Half right. Shinji does confront Gendo about Yui, but Gendo does not ask Shinji to help rescue her. Per usual, he just has the boy arrested and abused.

The Angel War is nothing but a warm-up for a future war against the Dinosaur Empire
In this omake Gendo keeps seeing lizard people coming out of the walls (an occurrence eerily similar to an incident that happened in one of the first chapters of the Getter Robo manga). Shinji and Asuka think he is nuts or high. But in reality they are about to be attacked by Reptilians! Future chapters will include Shinji, Asuka and Rei riding Shin Getter Robot to fight Mechasaurs. It is fitting since the only ones who can pilot Getter Robo are either superior pilots… or insane (no joke). Asuka will ride Getter-1 (the red, axe-wielding model), Shinji Getter-2 (the model with a drill. At some point he will say "Father, I want you knowing... my drill is bigger than yours") and Rei Getter-3 (a model whose pilots are prone to make Heroic Sacrifices. And it will be awesome.

The "Israfel Special" will be canon sooner or later, even if it's just in the epilogue.
The author has hinted that he's not against the idea...
  • Given the recent Ship Sinking (of Asuka and Shinji both stating they just don't want that kind of relationship) and Rei's increased Ship Tease with Kaworu, it's looking less likely.

Gendo will try to have Kaworu killed
Gendo strongly (and correctly) suspects that Kaworu is, at the very least, a spy for SEELE. So, in order to get rid of a probable adversary, he'll try to kill him. But to maintain Plausible Deniability, he probably won't do it directly, instead putting him in the most dangerous positions and hoping an angel kills him.
  • As of the recent update, he's learned that Kaworu is an Angel. And what do you know, he sent him out to fight Arael (albeit with Rei as backup, but still). So there might be some truth to this after all.

At some point, someone in the Counter Conspiracy will declare "We are cancelling the Apocalypse!"
  • And it will be amazing.

Shinji and Asuka will have a Second-Act Breakup.
Engineered by Gendo. And when they find out, that will be it. The two will walk into Gendo's office and attack him relentlessly, turning him into a jibbering wreck who confesses everything, not just the engineered breakup.

The Kyoko and Sayaka seen in the story really are Kyoko and Sayaka.
Upon reaching another reset, Homura decided to end their suffering and send their souls to another dimension. Problem is, though, that she didn't pay attention to where she sent them, just that they get the hell out of there and away from Kyuuby. Ironically, it was getting them out of the timeline that ultimately saved Madoka, but as a consequence, now both Madoka and Homura have to go through multiple resets to save Mami. IT NEVER ENDS.

There's some Alternate Timeline/Universe where the events of this fic are canon, while the events of the later anime are a popular Dark Fic
Since the story itself is based on an alternate timeline, it seems logical.


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