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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

  • Rei against Zeruel has first mention. No "maybes", "ifs" or "buts". During that battle Rei was facing alone a foe with overwhelming power and with no support or backing other than two dummy plugs untested in combat. Still she fought and endured as long as she could. Then Shinji and Asuka came along, riding Unit 03. Zeruel moved to struck them... and Rei went berserker in reaction, attacking Zeruel until it was dead.
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  • Shinji and Asuka hijacking an Eva and coming to their rescue.
  • When Leliel came along Asuka was trapped inside it. She did not want to die. Shinji did not want her dying. Then Shinji drove Unit 01 berserker and started to shred Leliel's body as Unit 02 went berserker and ripped Leliel from within. When it emerged, both Evas roared and rose their fists in triumph, greeting each other, as the Nerv staff watched the scene horrified.
  • The three Children against Bardiel: all of them - including Rei! - go against Gendo's hare-brained pestering... er, direct orders. Rei manages to rescue Hikari and bring her to safety and Shinji and Asuka do the Battle Couple routine, teaming up against Bardiel and managing to kill it without destroying the Unit. Furthermore, because they had killed the Angel without tearing apart the Eva, Nerv had gained an Eva with an S2 core.
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  • The battle against Arael. Shinji and Asuka have their own separate Big Damn Heroes moments saving Rei and Kaworu. Especially Shinji, who defies his orders to stay put, convinces his mother to go along with his plan, launches himself from the Cages manually, and punches his way through to the outside when Gendo orders the hatches sealed. He throws up an AT Field to stop Kaworu and Rei from being mind raped any further, and distracts Arael long enough for Asuka to throw the Lance and skewer it. And he does all this on less than five minutes of reserve power.
  • A SEELE agent tries to kill Kaworu in his hospital bed, in an attempt to make him turn into Tabris. She's foiled when Asuka attacks her, hitting her repeatedly with a bedpan until she's very unconscious.


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