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Shinji:"You're beautiful."
Shinji:"You were right, I've never kissed anyone before and I'm so glad it was you for my first kiss and it was incredible and you're so beautiful and I think I really like you and oh shit I'm going to stop talking now."
Asuka:"Say it again,"
Shinji:"Um….say what again?"
Asuka:"What you just said. Say it again."
Shinji:"I'm glad you were my first kiss, it was incredible, you're beautiful, and I… [...] I think I like you?"
Asuka:"Do you mean it?"
Asuka:"I like you too."
chapter 1

Asuka:"Pervert. I could hear you thinking it. You are not getting an 'Israfel Special' with me and her!"

"I don't blame Ayanami. It's not her fault. How would she know? But I… I don't know how I could ever forgive my father. He considered it an important enough demand on his time to raise her, however badly. Why send me away? I… I'd still do almost anything to get him to look at me. I hate him so much, but… You know how much that once little scrap of praise he gave me after the Tenth Angel made me feel good. Gods, I'm such a weak idiot if I still want that."
"I agree you're a dummy if you Pilot to try to earn his praise," Asuka snorted. "You don't need that."
"Don't you? I thought that's why you were so driven to be the best Pilot, so people would praise you?" he asked right back. "'To display your talents to the world', you said."
Asuka said nothing for a moment. "I used to," she said softly. "I needed it. I was so afraid no one would want me unless I was the best. I had to make people look at me, or I might disappear. But now…" She freed one hand from embracing him to softly stroke his face. "I'm not as worried. I know, no matter what, that you're looking at me. That if I should fall, you'll keep my memory close. Now I Pilot, I push myself to be the best because I want to be the best, and drag you with me. The two of us, the best in the world, defending humanity. You're a good Pilot, Shinji, almost as good as me. You have a better reason to Pilot now than hoping for empty words from your father."
Shinji looked at her, waiting.
"Misato. Wondergirl. Me. Even the Stooges. The people who care about you praise you, baka. Not lip service from a jerk who's unworthy of a son like you. Forget him. Do it for us. For me especially. I won't have anyone else as wingman but my baka-Shinji. You promised me; You and me, together, against everything. Lean on us, Shinji." 'I need you. I can't even tell you how much. You have to stay with me. You make me strong.'
chapter 4

"Um... Kaji-san? Aren't we going to have to stop and wait for the vehicle transport train?" Shinji asked nervously, noting they weren't slowing down as they shot through the caution-striped metal gateway.
"Ordinarily, yes, Shinji-kun..." Kaji said absently as they skidded sideways past the 'STOP HERE FOR LOADING' signs and barriers. "But during an Angel alert, they lock down the trains at the depo in the Geofront to save power and reduce MAGI load. So right now the tracks are empty and it would take too long for a train to get up here. So this is faster."
The edge of the drop onto the track was coming closer very fast. "Um... what's faster?" Asuka asked even more worriedly.
"The direct approach," Kaji said with a smile as he aimed the car at the tracks on a shallow angle.
They shot over the edge and onto the tracks at over 120 kph, to the chorus of the Children screaming in alarm. The darkness of the train tunnel into the Geofront loomed in front of them, angling steeply down.
chapter 7

"I... love you both," the blunette said softly. She raised her eyes with a noticeable struggle. "Shinji, you showed me care and compassion when no one else ever had, not even the Commander. Asuka, you helped free me from the drugs that clouded my mind when you had no reason to do anything but dislike me. And you both came for me and saved me in this battle. I... I look at you and I know I love you both."
"Rei, we..." Shinji trailed off. What could he say? He looked over at Asuka. She shrugged too, at an equal loss.
Rei waved her hands defensively at their shocked expressions. "No! I do not want to intrude! I... I will never try to... intersplice myself in your bond! It is too beautiful to disrupt! But... I wanted you both to know. I understand what this feeling is now. It is love. I will protect that feeling, and you. I will not allow any harm to come to you or your bond if I can ever do anything about it."

'I need a beer, right away...' Misato stumbled her way back to the kitchen.
"Hey, Misato! We saved the world yesterday! Can we have a raise in our allowance?" Asuka called after her.
'A lot of beer...'
chapter 8


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