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Just because Yuriofwind is kinda obscure doesn't mean that he can't be funny. Right, guys?

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    Bullshit Creepypasta Storytime 
Bullshit Creepypasta Storytime is full to the brim with hilarity, due to Yuri's snarky commentary:
  • Sonic.exe has the Running Gag of, whenever something is stated to be coloured red, "Red! Like blood!". Eventually, Yuri summarises it with "Blood! Bloody blood blood dead animal blood!"
    • Some other running gags include the highly specific measurements of time. Around the third time, Yuri mentioned that it's a good thing that Tom's got this stopwatch and is keeping track of these time measurements.
    • Numerous jabs are made at the protagonist, Tom, for being an idiot and not giving a second thought to his friend Kyle, who likely died trying to save him.
      Yuri: You asshole friend, you won't even heed his warning! He said destroy [the game] like eighteen times, but someone has selective reading!
    • Tom's It's All About Me attitude:
      Yuri: Tom is a little vain, and thinks the world revolves around him. Everything has to be about you, doesn't it, like this story, hm? This is why Kyle won't talk to you any more; he's my friend now!
    • This moment:
      Yuri: But "Tails made frantic gestures to Tom, as if he wanted to get out of the area he was in as fast as possible! Tom was starting to get a little freaked out by this, 'cuz, like, Tails was actually breaking the fourth wall, trying to tell him to get him outta there!" It's that, or you're on a lot of drugs!
    • The narrator claims Sonic's Evil Laugh sounded like Kefka's, and calls it the "awful Kefka laugh". Yuri isn't amused:
    "Someone doesn't like Kefka!" (Beat) "Fuck you, Tom!"
  • Yuri sums up Resident Evil 4: One Chance Only thus:
    Yuri: There is no point to any of this! What happened? Oh no: scary black square! Oh no: transforming pitchforks! Oh no: I'm making shit up on the fly! Oh no: I'm incredibly high! No, wait: I'm pretending to be incredibly high! Instead of Resident Evil: One Chance Only, it should be called Resident Evil 4: Minor Inconveniences!
    • Yuriofwind on incomplete sentences.
      Yuri: So he just dismissed it as a random and stupid...
      There's a Beat for about 3 seconds.
      Yuri: Huh? And he put the game inside the PS2! What was random and stupid, though? The blank case? The normal disc? Your story?
    • On the protagonist's Too Dumb to Live attitude:
      Yuri: The writer may or may not be a complete twit.
      Yuri: OK, I want to bring something I said earlier up again... It was that thing about him possibly being a twit? He's a twit. Another case solved, oh but the story's still going, shit.
    • Yuri's frustration with the complete lack of plot, wondering about "the evil, spooky ghost that's supposed to fly out of your PS2 and kill you, or possess you, or turn you into Tom".
  • Yuri laments the wasted potential of Legend of Zelda 64 as such:
    Yuri: You could have told a story about how much of a dick Ganondorf is, or how that owl is secretly the devil, or how this kid pulling on this rock is somehow going to cause the end of the world or some shit. So many roads you could've taken...and you took the shitty "Oh, my character is evil for some stupid reason! And the old man sold the game at a garage sale and then he left town and now I'm alone, with...this guy who keeps talking about plushies......something about murder and then there was blood everywhere."
    Yuri: "They attacked Link and destroyed him being extremely powerful it only took them 1 hit to finish him" AND POORLY WRITE THIS SENTENCE!!
    Onscreen text: This was the most fitting scene for this. Obviously.
  • Super Mario Darktime has an idiot protagonist who takes forever to realize it's a hacked game.
    Yuri: I realized that this was clearly a hacked game- fuck, you are SLOW, dude!
  • Pokemon Hollow's idiot protagonist deduces that "this was a hacked game!", long after it becomes obvious to the reader, like before. Yuri responds accordingly:
    Yuri: Me author, me smart, I smart author intelligence good brain thinking!
    • This bit from the end:
    Yuri: I think we all learned something today: I never wanna hear anyone say the word "zombie" ever again. Ever. I don't care if they make another Dead Rising, I No more.
  • From Super Mario 64.
    • At 9:33 in the video, Yuri's game footage depicts him walking in the Basement of Peach's Castle while carrying MIPS, with the screen text reading:
    Screen Text: I FOUND A PET :3
  • In most BSCPST videos, Yuri uses footage from games that are relevant to the story at hand. This gets hilariously subverted in the Sonic.exe 2 video, since a lot of the story doesn't really focus on the titular game. Yuri posted a Long List in the comments of the games that had footage in the video.
    Sonic games aside, DMC4, Xenoblade, .hack//Versus, The Last Story, Samurai Showdown Sen, USF4, CVS2, Animal Crossing City Folk, Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, Kirby 64, Kirby Epic Yarn, Dead Space, Kamen Rider Battride War 2, Kamen Rider Super Climax Heroes, No More Heroes 2, Spiderman Web of Shadows, RE4, RE6, Tales of Xillia 2, Virtua Fighter 5, Tekken 6, Earthbound, Dead Rising 2 Off The Record, Dead Rising, DK64, Kingdom Hearts 2, KH Recoded, Shadow Hearts Covenant, Metal Saga, SMT3, Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts, DBZ Ultimate Tenkaichi, Katamari Damacy Forever, Dark Souls, Just Cause 2, Bleach Soul Funny Word, Dissidia, Lighting Returns FF13, FF6, Splatter House, Smash Bros Brawl, Metroid Other M, Nier, and I think that's most of them :3.
  • From Pokemon: Blue Tears, Yuri repeatedly mocking the horribly stupid decisions of the protagonist.
    "His screech continued on, growing in volume to the point where the pain it caused equaled that of a migraine... and yet I still kept the headphones in...the author is not very smart."
    • "Since Blue didn't have any Pokemon, he didn't send anything out. Neither did Red. This is the worst Pokemon game I've ever heard of!"
    • This also qualifies:
    "The battle options box popped up again, 'fight' the only remaining option, words left out of sentences. Blue selected it yet again, but instead of 'MURDER' the attack option available was 'SUICIDE.'...very antiproductive attack... There was a moment of hesitation, but Blue finally attacked himself with less fury than he had Red, because reasons. As his own health fell to zero, a lower gurgled screech replaced the high-pitched Pokémon tower music which had been playing for DAYS at this point, his sprite faded away.
  • New Super Mario Haunted Bros U's description:
    Today we kick off Spooky Fingerpuppet Ghost Month with a "spooky" story. About a haunted game, and haunted Wii U, and possibly a haunted GameStop, hard to say, really.

     Gaming Mysteries 

     Obscure Gaming 

Yuri's snark extends to his other segments, of course. When it comes to bootlegs (and the occasional not-bootleg), it's pretty easy to do.

  • Obscure Gaming: Street Fighter 4 on the NES.
    Yuri: So I bring you Obscure Gaming. A segment in which I look at some very odd games, whether they be "knockoffs" or "horrible, awful, really bad knockoffs."
    • Telling the difference between the official and bootleg SF4 seems pretty difficult.
    Yuri: No, I'm talking about Street Fighter 4... on the NES. Now, I know what you guys are thinking, and I'm thinking the same thing: "I can't tell the difference!" Okay, I'm not really thinking that and you're not thinking that either and if you are, you're wrong.
    • Yuri doesn't exactly see any of the usual Street Fighter roster here.
    Yuri: This game is a very poorly done fighting game for the NES using what I think are Street Fighter characters... maybe. Well, yeah, I guess they are. I mean, they have all the classic Street Fighter characters like... Ranboo! Wait... the fuck is a Ranboo? Well, I mean, at least they have Cliff! Wait...Cliff? What? Well, at-at the very least, we have Chunfo. Ch-Chunfo? Is it Chun-fooh? Chunfo? Wait... isn't he that dude from Virtua Fighter?
    • And after that, we get to the actual character select screen.
    Yuri: Now if you look at the character select screen and you should be because I'm showing it right now, right next to that lie that says Street Fighter 4, you'll see the characters, and if your brain is on, you may notice that everyone has a twin. Yes, it's just like Full House, you guys!
  • Obscure Gaming: Somari Bootleg (NES).
    • "I don't know about you guys, but because it's December, I'm feeling pretty holly-jolly. As such, I feel it's my talk about a title that has nothing to do with Christmas whatsoever. Because that's how I do things."
    • This is followed by a long question.
    Yuri: Lemme ask you guys a question. Have you ever sat there and thought, "Man it sure would be cool if a Mario-ish character was somehow transported into Sonic's universe to roll around and collect rings and do whatever the fuck Sonic does on a regular basis? That sure would be neato!"
  • The Translation Train Wreck of Pocket Monster Saphire.

     Both of the Corpse Party Let's Plays 

Corpse Party

Corpse Party: Book of Shadows

  • In episode 8 of Book of Shadows, Yuri ends chapter 2 and begins the introduction to chapter 3. As a mater of fact, that's literally all he accomplishes in the video.
    Yuri: Yeah, by all means, give me a game over! I fucking dare you.
    *Yuri's character gets killed*
    Yuri: R-really?! Way-wha-whuh-huhwanamahuwuh?!
    *the game over screen appears*
    Yuri while laughing: THIS GAME IS SUCH AN ASSHOLE OH MY GOD!!... fuckin'...*snickers*...fuckin' stupid...
    Yuri in a high-pitched voice: That's gonna do it for this part of Let's Play Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, um, I'm sorry for not talkin' for a while there. *laughs, returns to a more regular pitch* I should've grabbed the salt, I didn't think, I, I honestly, I did not think they would give me a Wrong End, in a scene that was supposed to be from the past. Uhhhh... maybe I'm a weirdo, but, y'know. I'm s-two maybe, too many hours on this shit. WELL, I will see you all next time, on Let's Play, "Fuck With You: The Video Game".
  • In the 9th episode of Book of Shadows, Yuri returns to the never-ending cutscene in the intro to chapter 3, and starts snarking almost immediately:
    Yuri (reading): "With this in mind, I walked toward the classroom door and took one step out into the hall..." and was immediately killed.
    *the screen cuts to black with a slam noise*
    Yuri: GODDAMMIT! *laughs*
    • Shortly after that, Yuri gets his prophesied death, slowly getting more incredulous and sarcastic as it drags out:
      Yuri (reading): "...the door slid shut on its own with incredible force — and my neck was trapped in the narrow opening that remained?!" REALLY? REALLY. "I dug my nails into the door, frantically trying to open it back up." But, fuck doors! "But the more I pushed back," it's an evil, it's a haunted door. "I was flailing my limbs, twisting and contorting my body...trying everything I could to escape. (boredly) Why? Why? Why? Why? My neck was clamped tightly. I could feel the blood rushing to my head. I couldn't breathe. Opening my mouth in terror, I stuck my tongue out, as if trying to swallow the air."
      *Yui makes struggling noises*
      Yuri: Maybe she'll live. "Forcefully shaking my head left and right, I swiveled my body to face the ceiling. That's when I saw the tall, pitch black silhouette of a person!"
      *??? makes a long drawn out moaning noise*
      Yuri: Don't drag out your part. "A silent scream squirmed its way out of my throat. But the door was still pressing onto my neck." Give me the Wrong End already!
      *screen turns red, you know, like blood*
      Yuri: Thank youuuuuuuuuu~. "I felt the sensation of falling. At the same time, a lukewarm liquid began pouring over my face. As I was struggling to make sense of what was happening to me, the door that had been...slid open." *beat* So she was decapitated? Yeah, okay.
      Yui: (What...just happened...?)
      Yuri: You were decapitated.
      *beat, as the Wrong End screen appears*
      Yuri: This game, is such a PRICK. *beat* OKAY, so the safe route-no. *beat* It's okay, there's a reason why I have a save point now.
    • Yuri talking to his cat whenever it starts meowing in the background of the video.
    • Yuri's reaction to the military-esque music that plays when Ms. Yui finally wakes up and has a coherent conversation with Satoshi:
      Yuri: What's... what is this fuckin' music?
    • Yuri's "Our Social Link went up" as Satoshi and Yui banter.
    • "That crafty Mochida had turned the tables on me! He can hear things."
    • When Satoshi realizes he should probably head home:
      Satoshi: ...Oh, crap! I have to get going. Yuka's going to be really angry with me!
      Yuri: Oh, d-who gives a fuck?
    • Ms. Yui avoiding making things awkward with Satoshi, and Yuri's displeasure at this.
      Yui: What a good kid, that Mochida. ...I'd better be careful, though. He is my student, after all!
      Yuri: Oh, come on.
    • In the end, Yuri discovers something: the Prolonged Prologue of chapter 3 wasn't even a prologue at all, that was actually the chapter.
      Yuri: R-Really? Really? That was really chapter 3? *beat* Chapter 3 sucked! Aw, fuck! Well, people in the comments were not kidding. This was, in fact, a slow chapter.

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