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Although it's regarded as one of the bleakest rock albums ever made, The Wall actually has a sense of humor.

  • In the album version of "Nobody Home", the television in the background is airing an episode from Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.. When Pyle delivers his famous catchphrase "Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!", Waters (as Pink) immediately follows it up with the line, "There's still nobody home".
  • "Go on, Judge, SHIT ON HIM" Roger Waters himself lists this as a personal funny moment in the DVD Commentary for the film. In the album, when Judge Arse declares, "Fills me with the urge to DEFECATE!", someone (Pink?) screams, "No!!! Don't do it!" In the film, Doll!Pink wears an expression of horror, while the audience gives a loud GASP.
  • The DVD Commentary by Roger Waters and Gerald Scarfe is a fountain of these:
    • During the animation of the flowers in the song "What Shall We Do Now?":
    Waters: What are those flowers, doing Gerald?
    Waters: That one's turned into a carrot!
    • Waters' response to Pink screaming "STOP!!!" towards the end.
    "We're right here, Bob, no need to shout."
    • During "Is There Anybody Out There?", while Pink frantically tries to escape the wall, Roger "narrates" Pink's thoughts with an Irish accent. He even throws in references to The Troubles!
    Waters: "He's confused, he's been watching The Dam Busters for too long, he thinks it's an enormous concrete bomb!"
  • In the film, Pink's manager's reaction upon seeing his wrecked hotel room just before "Comfortably Numb" starts:
    • He then proceeds to stuff hundred dollar bills in the horrified hotel manager's hands.
      Hotel Manager: He's a maniac!
      Pink's Manager: He's an artist!
    • Back to the DVD commentary - Waters' anecdote of Bob Hoskins saying "I never had this trouble with Cliff Richard"
  • The police savagely beat the looters, toss them in a paddy wagon, and completely fail to notice two old ladies looting a mighty haul of electronics and toddling off with the stolen goods.
  • When first seeing the wrecked hotel room set, Roger Waters commented that it looked more like David Gilmour's hotel room than his.
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  • The Audible Gleam after the "Just a little pinprick" line in "Comfortably Numb".
  • To me, there's something funny about hearing School Master at the end of Another Brick in the Wall 2, as he sounds like Groundskeeper Willie.


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