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  • David Gilmour singing and playing the guitar solo for "Comfortably Numb" on top of the wall was a highlight of the original stage shows. The feat has been duplicated by Waters' solo Wall shows with a singer and a guitarist in his touring band. Gilmour did reprise this in his surprise 2011 appearance in Roger Waters' Wall tour at London's O2 Arena.
  • Pink tearing apart the hotel. It's only hinted at in the album. In the movie on the other hand it's so epically crazy that you can't help but cheer him on even though what he did was wrong.
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  • The entire Neo-Nazi Rally, despite being Pink's Moral Event Horizon, is the epitome of Evil Is Cool.
  • The wall coming down. It is by far the most triumphant thing in the movie.
    • The entire trial scene before that is an excellent conclusion to the movie, with an epic music track and mesmerizing (and delightfully creepy) surreal animation with over-the-top grotesque characters.
  • The sudden transition from Empty Spaces to Young Lust.
    • Howwww... shall I fillll... the fiiiinal placessssss.... How should IIIII... compleeeeete the waaallllll- I AM JUST A NEW BOOOOYYYY! A STRANGER IN THIS TOOOOWN!
    • Young Lust in it's favor is epic and Ear Worm-y at that.
  • The movie version of "Empty Spaces", "What Shall We Do Now?" is an extended version of the original song that is good enough to have been on the album. And the creepy, creepy Gerald Scarfe animations just adds to it.
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  • The walking hammers seen in the animation sequence during "Waiting for the Worms".
  • During "The Trial", Pink's schoolmaster and mother are as adamant as ever in their desire to "hammer" him and smother him respectively. Pink's wife, on the other hand, calls him out for a legitimate grievance (not talking to her as often as he did), something he actually did.
  • The movie made it onto revered critic Roger Ebert's Great Movies list.

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