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Awesome / The Wandering Earth

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Let's ignite Jupiter.

WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to this Awesome Moments page. All spoilers will be unmarked. Read at your own risk.

  • Every single shot of the Earth Engines, Earth cruising through space, the Navigation Platform International Space Station, Jupiter, really most of the CG in this film is fantastic to look at.
  • The awe-inspiring shot of the Earth Engines activating and moving Earth for the first time. An epic 2,500-year long journey starts here. The ultimate decision has been made; there is no turning back, and nothing will ever be the same again.
  • The entire plot itself is so nonsensical that it's actually pretty awesome. The Sun is about to expand and destroy Earth, so what do the humans of Earth do? Build twelve thousand enormous artificial volcanoes eleven kilometers tall that are powerful enough to launch the entire planet out of its orbit and begin a 2,500-year long journey to reach another star system 4.3 light years away, while using the sun and Jupiter to slingshot Earth out of the Solar System.
  • When it appears that all hope is lost and Jupiter will destroy Earth with its gravitational pull, Liu Qi devises a plan that's just as insane as the Wandering Earth Project itself: use Jupiter as an enormous bomb, ignited by an overloaded Earth Engine, to cause an explosion strong enough to blast the Earth away to a safe distance from Jupiter.
  • The Earth Engine itself, to be frank. There's a scene early in the film where Liu Qi and Han Duoduo drive a transport through a mining operation, and the scene zooms out many times over, dwarfing the colossal mining machines before finally showing this massive beast of a machine firing an intense blast of plasma into the sky, before zooming out further and showing that there are thousands more littered across the surface of the planet before zooming out even further to the Navigational Platform International Space Station. It's no wonder that the Earth Engines had a trailer dedicated to them.
  • Despite screaming for his life a few times while assisting Liu Peiqiang in navigating the outside of the Navigation Platform International Space Station, when his fate is sealed, Makarov gives Peiqiang one last push to help him get to the control cabin, and allows himself to fall into the void of space.
  • Upon hearing Han Duoduo's pleas, hundreds of rescue workers turn their trucks around to go back to the Sulawesi Earth Engine to provide assistance, deciding that it's better to fight for a chance at survival rather than accept their fate.
  • In defiance of MOSS and risking his own life, Liu Peiqiang turns off the fire extinguishing system in the control cabin, then sets the supercomputer on fire using a bottle of vodka given to him by Makarov.
    Liu Peiqiang: Happy New Year.
  • Liu Peiqiang's fearless sacrifice, plunging himself and the Navigation Platform International Space Station into the Sulawesi Earth Engine's plasma beam.
  • The credits sequence, in a way. A tiny planet Earth flies through numerous abstract shots of printing press letter tiles, which form a board of characters that print Chinese words onto a page, which form into the original The Wandering Earth novella, followed by imagery such as the Earth Engines, the Navigation Platform International Space Station, and Jupiter formed out of the pages. It makes Earth really look like it's journeying into the unknown, a whole new strange and unexplored world ahead of it. With the amount of distance the tiny Earth covers throughout the sequence, it's almost reassurance that Earth will have a long, hopeful, and successful trip ahead of it. Not to mention, the ending theme, New Journey, is absolutely awesome and emphasizes the optimism.