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  • This is a very minor nitpick, but why are there helicopter noises at the start of Happiest Days of Our Lives? Other than Rule of Cool?
    • You got me. But in The Movie they are replaced with the train sounds, which make sense in context, at least.
    • I think they put the sound as a segue from Another Brick in the Wall (Part 1) to Happiest Days of Our Lives, because it was supposed to represent Pink's father dying at war, but that's just my opinion. I'm sure The Other Wiki has some info on this.
    • The teacher was in the war. It gets more into this in a couple songs on The Final Cut.
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    • Probably to illustrate the oppressiveness of the education system that Pink goes through, as the train Pink sees passing by him in the tunnel filled with putty-faced passengers in the movie with intercuts of the teacher saying, "Hey! Yes, you! Stand still, laddie!" is supposed to do the same.
    • To add to the above RE: the oppressiveness of the education system, the implication is that the teachers are literally flying around in helicopters above the students, as if they were riot police doing crowd control or an oppressive army or something.
  • Other strange transitions: telephone sounds at the end of "Another Brick in the Wall Part 2," and airport sounds between "Goodbye Blue Sky" and "Empty Spaces." What do they mean?
    • The telephone sound effects are Pink trying to get through to his wife (out of guilt?) and failing. The airport sound effects might be Pink going from London (on the bad-ass Concorde, no doubt) to Los Angeles for a gig.
      • I always thought that the telephone sounds were a lead-in to Mother; where his mom is trying to find out where he is.
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    • Whoever wrote the above idea just made me think of something: Pink's remembering all the "bricks in the wall." The empty dial tone represents every time he could have had some real dialogue (in hindsight) but which never went anywhere. He's calling out and getting no reply.
  • This is more of a nitpick on the movie. After Pink tore down the wall, where did he go? Last we hear of him is during the wall's collapse he screams.
    • It's left up to you, the audience, to decide.
    • The Final Cut implies, at the very least, that he didn't kill himself.
  • "Mother should I run for president?" What president is he talking about? I would assume the president of the United States but since he's British he couldn't run for president even if he immigrated and got US citizenship because it's a law that any person running for president has to be born in the US. And the United Kingdom doesn't have a president, they have a Prime Minister.
    • I just kind of assumed that all of the questions that Pink asks his mom at the beginning of "Mother" were coming from a younger Pink, who probably didn't understand that he couldn't become president eventually. The POTUS tends to be looked at as someone with a lot of power (not without good reason) while most people can't even name the current English PM (unless they're from the UK).

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