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In general, between the repetition of his music, including his yodels that open all his verses, his raunchy and self-absorbed lyrics and his frequent use of the word "dalé", his stuff can get pretty funny, especially if you're not taking it too seriously.

  • "We Run the Night", with Havana Brown. As his verse ends, out of nowhere he says "Now fuck you, pay me". The fact that it comes out of nowhere and plays during a brief measure of dead silence just makes it hysterical.
    • The same line is said in the post-verse parts of Akon's "Shut It Down": "Life's a bitch... Now fuck you, pay me!"
  • In 2012 there was a competition where he would play at whichever branch of Walmart got the most votes. The internet being what it is promptly generated a "Let's exile Pitbull" movement suggesting everyone vote for the Walmart in the small town of Kodiak, ALASKA. Predictably it won by a landslide but Pitbull proved he was a good sport, honored the deal and flew there, performed a concert and even met the originator of the campaign to prove there were no hard feelings.

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