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  • Bryce and Kincaid's fateful meeting results in a rather tense brawl. Not funny. Bryce kicking Kincaid's leg bullet wound making Samuel L. Jackson yelp "MOTHERFUCKER" in pain? Priceless.
  • After Bryce tells how he thinks Amelia ruined his career, giving away the name of Bryce's client that got killed in the beginning of the movie, a pretty grim tone sets in... only for Kincaid to burst in laughter revealing he had killed Kurosawa and Amelia had nothing to do with the hit. Bryce responds by punching Kincaid square in the face. It all ends up with both main characters hurling insults to each other like 5th graders.
    Kincaid: You're about as useful as a condom in a convent.
    Bryce: (offscreen) EAT MY ASS
    Kincaid: That's what she said!
    Bryce: (distant) SHUT IT!
    Kincaid: FUCK YOU!
  • After their argument in the clocktower, Bryce abandons Kincaid and storms out to get a drink at an outdoor cafe, before bitterly giving his life's story to the understandably bemused bartender. As Kincaid emerges from the clocktower, he's spotted by Dukhovich's goons and a gunfight breaks out. As the opening rounds cause the crowds to panic and start fleeing, Bryce simply grimaces and comments "And there he goes again. I hope they kill him, I really do."
    • From the same scene there's this gem:
      Bryce: (imitating Kincaid) I guess bullets are allergic to me, motherfucka. (completely serious) This guy singlehandedly ruined the word "motherfucker", you know how hard that is?
    • Bryce saying "[Kincaid] ruined the word motherfucker" may be addressed to the actor instead of the character.
  • During the last car chase Bryce calls Amelia as he knows very well he can die escorting Kincaid... Then Kincaid hits a concrete road block at full speed launching Bryce through the windshield, Bryce rolls and stands up as if nothing major had happened and can only shout a complete indignant "JESUS CHRIST!!! REALLY?!!". Kincaid's complete (and out of character) mortified expression is also pure gold.
    • "What happened to the seatbelt rule!?"
  • Kincaid's password: DUKHOVICHISAdick, all caps, except for dick.
  • Kincaid and Sonia end the movie romantically slow-dancing where they first met at a bar in Honduras... surrounded by a perpetual Bar Brawl that includes a man engulfed head-to-toe in flames.
    • Kincaid and Sonia's meeting may also count. Kincaid's blank stunned expression, coupled with his cigarette falling from his mouth while Samuel L. Jackson lovingly describes Salma Hayek being both beatiful and insanely violent.

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