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Heartwarming / The Hitman's Bodyguard

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  • Kincaid's love for love. For a brutal, world-famous assassin, he has an earnest respect for love, constantly citing it as the best thing in the world.
  • Throughout their time together, Kincaid is an adamant Shipper on Deck for Amelia and Bryce, even though he had an antagonistic relationship with both, especially the latter.
  • After Dukhovich's death, Bryce tells Kincaid that amidst the confusion of the explosion, it would be his (Kincaid's) last chance to escape.
  • The entirety of Darius and Sonia Kincaid's relationship.
    • When they have their first on-screen conversation, it's an "Establishing Relationship Moment" — Sonia insults him for getting her in trouble, but the moment she hears he is in pain (he got shot earlier in the leg and was applying Worst Aid on himself), she stops with the insults and asks if he's okay.
    • It may be twisted, weird, and definitely Black Comedy, but they both had a Love at First Sight moment when they first met in Honduras after Sonia showed off her fighting skills that impressed her future husband.
    • Kincaid risks his life, dodging assassins and Interpol agents to plant a basket of tulips, Sonia's favorite flower, on top of a clock tower she can see from her prison cell window. When Bryce comments that Kincaid could have just arranged for the tulips to be delivered, Kincaid replies that he wanted to give it a "personal touch."
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    • Black Comedy it may be, but the ending shot of the film shows them both having a Dance of Romance amidst all the chaos surrounding them in celebration for their anniversary, ending with a Big Damn Kiss.
  • Bryce giving a genuine apology to Amelia for how much of an ass he was to her and in the same sentence, saying he was glad he bumped into her.
  • In two separate occasions, Bryce and Kincaid both had the opportunity to abandon the other and wipe their hands of the job. Bryce could have let Dukhovich's men pursue and kill Kincaid, but ultimately helps Kincaid evade his attackers. Kincaid could have left Bryce to die after he is captured and tortured by Dukhovich's men, but he returns to rescue him.
  • Bryce ultimately living up to his role as a bodyguard by taking a bullet for Kincaid.
  • Kincaid killing Dukhovich solely because he shot Bryce.
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  • After all the ridicule everyone heaped on it prior to the chase through The Hague, seeing that poor, almost completely wrecked Ford C-Max pull up at the International Court of Justice with the last of its strength is so heartwarming you want to give it a hug, an overhaul and a nifty tuning.
  • The realization that Kincaid only ever killed assholes who sincerely deserved it — beginning with avenging the meaningless murder of a small-town preacher, his birth father.

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