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  • Bryce's protection gig following the opening time skip. He escorts his client out of the building ignoring all his paranoid concerns before driving him away in his own car, refusing to let the client use his. Then in the car he calls a guy to ask for a clean-up on a location. Cue an In Medias Res montage of all the people who were in the building to attack the client, and Bryce scoped the place out and preemptively took them all out, by himself, without any weapons, and without killing any of them. He also noted the bomb wired to the client's car (though he mistimed it and it blows up as they leave). He even remembers to take the client's pet dog out of the car before it explodes.
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  • When Bryce lets Kincaid step out of the car to pee, Kincaid sets up his flask on the roof to make it sound like he's peeing while he slips away. When Bryce runs off to look for him Kincaid doubles back back and prepares to steal the car... only for Bryce to put a gun to his head.
    Bryce: Do you think I'm an idiot?
  • The unnamed dissident who was Forced to Watch his family be killed by Dukhovich is seen again at Dukhovich's trial...testifying against the man, deliberately glaring at him while calling the man a monster.
  • In a flashback to when Kincaid first met Sonia shows her going One-Woman Army against harassers.
    • She manages to get a harasser in a chokehold before breaking his arm...which was so hard that the man's bone was showing.
    • Using a smashed bottle, she sliced open his throat.
  • Throughout their time together, Kincaid calls out Bryce for how much of an ass he was to Amelia, specifically blaming her for something she didn't do.
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  • Although he doesn't survive the ambush of Kincaid's escort at the beginning, Garret (the officer Kincaid headbutts) showed an impressive display of combat prowess and ingenuity on level with Bryce or Kincaid before being gunned down.
  • Bryce Taking the Bullet for Kincaid when Dukhovich attempts to shoot the latter.
  • The chase scene in Amsterdam, with both Dukhovich's Mooks and Interpol chasing Kincaid (who spends most of the chase on a speedboat), while Bryce intercepts the mooks on a motorcycle.
  • Bryce and Amelia taking down Foucher. Bryce gets bonus points for doing so with a bullet in his gut.
  • Kincaid shooting down Dukhovich's escape helicopter, and then kicking him off a rooftop to his death.
  • Dukhovitch displays both an impressive level of planning and his control over his men shows why he's so feared. He has whole squads ambushing and attacking Bryce and Kincaid all over Europe and his backup plan if Kincaid does make it to court? Have his men crash a truck full of explosives into the courthouse, he shoots Kincaid in the chaos, the emergency has the nearest hospital go into a frenzy preparing for incoming injured, his men take advantage of the frenzy to get to the roof and steal the hospital's helicopter, which they will use to get Dukhovitch off the courthouse roof and back to his seat of power. All of it fails only because Bryce took the bullet meant for Kincaid, leaving the latter alive and well to bring Dukhovitch's backup plan down in flames.

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