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  • The pre-credits scene, which seques from Ed Gein killing his brother straight into Hitch speaking directly to the audience, a la Alfred Hitchcock Presents—all the way down to Danny Elfman's rendition of "Funeral March of a Marionette", and the classic "Good evening." Mood Whiplash at its finest.
  • Anthony Perkins nervously explaining to Hitchcock his misgivings about playing Norman Bates...on the grounds that "I was very...close to my mother." As he goes on, we keep cutting to Hitch looking at him totally deadpan, chin up Hitchcock-style.
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  • The Casting Gag of Hitch (played by Hannibal Lecter) telling a woman to "try the finger cakes—they are actually fingers."
  • "Oh, you imp—you got nudity in there!" "Well her breasts were rather large. It was a challenge not to show them."
  • The bird landing on Hitchcock's shoulder at the end of the film when he says he's searching for his next motion picture.
  • Hitch getting the censor to approve the film by a) saying that he respects him and what he does, and b) politely and amiably inviting him to direct the contentious scenes himself. Hitch and the cast's total lack of surprise when the man chickens out of taking Hitch up on the offer is the cherry on top.


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