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Funny / My Little Pony: The Movie (1986)

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  • The Moochick's song, where he offers a list of increasingly esoteric suggestions for the ponies' new home, ranging from a teepee to "a lovely little villa in Capri" to the Taj Mahal.
  • Hydia and her daughters are hilarious. Special mention goes to the scene where Hydia interrogates them about the Smooze's defeat - by threatening them with ice cream.
    Reeka: But we wouldn't lie!
    Hydia: I've told you before - I don't care if you lie, but. Not. To. Me!
    • "Malevia over in Nightmare Heights, her daughter made Easter Sunday come out on a Tuesday. What have you done? Nothing! Zip! A big fat zero!"
    • Hydia spends the whole movie telling her daughters not to call her "mother" and in the end, after her Epic Fail, both daughters tease her with exactly that, humming a melody in which they name her "mama".
  • Draggle and Reeka both trying to get out of getting the dreaded flume by singing "I'll Do The Dirty Work" and telling the other all she has to do is get the flume.
    • Draggle tries to make Reeka think she's sick and should rest, but she should still get the flume anyway.
      Reeka: The flume?! Me?!
      Draggle: Why not? I'll be doing most of the work anyway, you're not THAT sick!
    • Reeka says she owes Draggle a few overdue birthday gifts, so she'll do all the work while Draggle gets the flume. Meanwhile, while Reeka's singing, Draggle's trying to fight over an alligator that won't let go of her foot.
      Draggle: The flume?! Me?!
      Reeka: Happy birthday!
  • When crying Shady decides to pour her heart out to one of the Bushwoolies, who are known for agreeing with everyone about everything:
    Shady: I'm just sad because we haven't found Spike and Lickety Split. I guess I'm a failure.
    Bushwoolie: A failure. Yeah, you failed. Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah.
    Shady: You don't have to agree with everything I say!
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  • When Reeka and Draggle go to the cemetary to get the ingredients of the Smooze and Reeka passes by a spider's web, she randomly grabs the struggling prey from it, eats it herself, and then the spider is seen waving one of its legs at her and yelling in its language.
  • "I'll Go it Alone" ends with Spike and Lickety Split singing with Volumetric Mouths, as well as some really cacophonic singing. The use of Volumetric Mouths in some musical numbers of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic only makes it funnier.


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