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Heartwarming / My Little Pony: The Movie (1986)

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  • "There's Always Another Rainbow," as Megan sings to the ponies to not give up even after Dream Castle was buried by the Smooze.
  • The Moochick offering to make the ponies a new home free of charge.
  • Wind Whistler's line after rescuing Megan from falling off a cliff, and Fizzy's subsequent response.
    Wind Whistler: It's easy to be courageous when helping others.
    Fizzy: Gee, Wind Whistler, that's beautiful! I love the way you talk!
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  • The Ponies letting the Grundles live in Dream Castle.
  • Spike choosing to go with Baby Lickety-Split instead of letting her run away on her own. And this is directly after he tries and fails to convince her to stay.
  • The Grundles going out of their way to help Lickety-Split and Spike, even though they had only just met. They stay with them even after helping them get out of the cave, even making it all the way to Flutter Valley and then back to Dream Castle with them. And they didn't do it because they were asked to, either. They did it out of pure kindness, and were genuinely happy to help out.


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